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  1. I don't care the lipsync... But she could at least record new live tracks like the Oops tour in 2000. It was perfectly fine. Now it's too obvious. It's a little ridiculous. But I liked the performances over all. I preferred MM at the VMAs. And DYWTCO... I like it, but they recycled the 3 performance... This song needed a full dance routine. Like MATM in 2004. Same vibe to me.
  2. Does anybody have a good streaming link? Mine doesn't work very well... And i'm not in the US! So the official MTV stream doesn't work. Don't want to miss our queen! Thanks
  3. Go Brit. Everything is gonna be fine. You VMA queen. We are all rooting for you. It's time to LIPSINC (or not) FOR YOUR LIFE.
  4. It sounded just like the CD. Maybe she was telling the truth after all. She always sings live?
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