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  1. I am not a fan of his AT ALL! but that’s because nobody will ever be good for our Britney! Please guys don’t bring the age gap up, age is just a number and big age gaps can work! Theres a 15 year age gap between me and my partner and we have been together for 5 years now. but yeah I don’t like him
  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed Soda Pop for over 20 years.... not hate here
  3. It was 2006 for me... I didn’t actually join up until 2016. I was a lurker for 10 years 😬
  4. Currently it’s: Touch of my Hand Break the Ice Born to make you happy special mention for Dont let me be the last to know. This is constantly changing!
  5. Thank god you have Do you wanna come over...... why does everyone love this song! It’s my most skipped
  6. Here are my Britney Opinions that will be unpopular.... sorry not sorry. - In the Zone is her best album, and her best work. Blackout is good but In the Zone kicks it’s arse - I haven’t listened to Britney Jean, Britney or Femme Fatale in full in years.... though Britney Jean is her worst by far... I may listen to a song or two but not more than one song. - Boys is terrible, I don’t understand why the world and Britney love it - Born to make you happy... is one of her best songs. - I like the songs Hard to forget you, Better, Tik Tik Boom to name a few. -Oops I did it again album, is very childish but it’s a bop! - She needs to change her performance style.... it’s not hot now she’s pushing 40 to lip sync to vocals that she recorded when she was barely out of nappies. - Jive was a great record label, - Radar is a good song - Glory is good, but its incredibly Samey - I prefer Britney to have dark blonde Caramel Hair now she’s older. - I don’t like Sam, I think he’s a gold digger. - Pretty Girls is a bop. I have go on far too much... Sorry I have loads of others but I’ll go quiet... please no hate
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