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  1. You have quoted me and then replied to something I havent said. I am attracted to black guys. I am also attracted to white guys or Asian guys. The point is, they are separating this one "exotic" group that lives predominantly in Africa and objectifying them. I am not butthurt nor offended, as I stated even in my post. I am not black so I cannot tell what a black person should be offended by. Would I be offended if they created a similar fetishizing video with white gay men stereotypes? Possibly. That's why I think it's tone deaf. Quite frankly, don't see the funny in it either, but what's entertaining is subjective, I can anyways change the channel. ** The innuendo for their big black ****s is not exactly hidden in the video, you just need to read between the lines (or the images).
  2. They are fetishizing these black man, as if it's a thing to experience whilst on a trip to Africa. Feel the exoticness of this different race than the one is yours. I am attracted to black men, but I wouldn't go all "I go to Africa to have that big black ****" as a celebrity (in any kind of play with words either) because of this kind of backlash. Anways, I don't find this funny, nor particularly offensive, but it's not my place to say it either. If African men don't mind, then who am I to tell anybody what to be offended by.
  3. I am living for the love of Walk Away on the thread. On the topic of that song, Ari's song Dangerous Woman was such a rip-off of it, that to me it felt so weird that she actually got Christina to sing it with her. Ever since I first heard Dangerous Woman, I was humming the "I need to get away from you, walk away from you...". Such a classic Loved that album tho. It really helped me during some difficult times during university, and it aged like fine wine for the most part!
  4. It is largely taken out of context - he is just saying that the things that she supposedly wants (e.g. ordering food herself, waiting in a restaurant, dealing with bureaucracy for documents) are not exactly practical or nice to do, since all normal people would want to have an assistant to finish those stuff for us. Celebrities? They all ******* have many assistants. I largely disagree with him, since it should of course, be her choice of what she wants to do. If she wants to get McDonalds or Starbucks everyday herself looking ratchet, that's for her to decide and she should have the freedom to do so. But he is answering everything in a super diplomatic way. Like, "I know what she wants, but what she wants really sucks, and she is not aware she doesn't need it anyways". Super ****ed up
  5. When did Bryan say this? I feel this is something I couldnt have missed, which is weird since I lurk this website daily.
  6. He is telling her she looks pretty jokingly - with that filter they both look like gollum. I doubt he would be that stupid to seriously state he fell in love with her because of her looks (even if he thinks it)
  7. I come from Macedonia, and there was a huge craze with Rebelde Way (2001-2003 I believe), which people from 9 to 16 were all obsessed with. RBD was subsequently the Mexican remake that wasn't ever shown here. I loved Erreway when I was younger - Luisana Lopilato has always been quite a stunner, and all the others are also quite cool (both Benjamin Rojas and Felipe Colombo were good looking guys and Camila Bordonaba seems like such a sweet soul). Nevertheless, I have come to realize I've outgrown both their music and the TV show. Both have a brain-cells loss inducing story-line/lyrics
  8. I actually think you got it all wrong. They weren't "trying" to push anybody in the front, they were trying to give everyone the chance to shine, seeing as each of them had their own singing parts, ad-libs, sass, and it was bound that in different songs, some people would sing less, and others more. They were definitely steering away from being a "*****cat Dolls" kinda group, since all of them were at a singing competition trying to be a star, not background singers. But my opinion: I think only three of them had any chance to succeed Camila Cabello: Most feminine, petite, cutesy distinctive voice. Personally, I dislike her. She seems the pettiest, victimizing herself (wolf in sheep's clothing) under the hoods of i'm the smallest, the one that needs protection, but is actually the meanest (and racist one). What she's missing: Identity. She really looks up to Taylor Swift and is trying to mimic the businesswoman that Taylor is. (the bearding game is strong with this one) Her music so far has been one-trick pony Lauren Jauregui: She has the huskiest, seductive voice, most beautiful of them all (imo), very strong and opinionated personality (talking about being anti-vaccine was not a good look) Personal opinion about her: I think she will outlive the rest of them cause she knows who she is, she doesn't want to do pop and doesn't seem fame hungry and she seems she's enjoying flying low under the radar and just releasing some bops here and there (and I guess making money with smaller gigs) Normani: Amazing in one word with looks and being real, and actually seems the sweetest. I don't know why she's not succeeding, but maybe the material she picks just isn't ringing with the general public? Other two: // Don't know them
  9. I think I'm from the older folks / generations that finds it super cringy to watch kiddos performances with lipping and over-enunciation of the words of the songs. I feel weird watching them. And it was so much widely accepted to hate it when it was called Musical.ly. Not to say there's no funny content here and there, but I don't want to fall down a new social media rabbit hole really. TBH I do think the Instagram Reels copy is gonna supersede the popularity of TikTok and I'm not here for that either.
  10. Give Tidal and When The Pawn a listen. She has always been pop - with mellow melodies on piano, with a lot of emotions conveyed through her voice. Her last two albums have been very experimental, but at most I'd say she has been doing alternative pop. So ye, she is pop. And she gets my vote easily.
  11. I wasn't discussing somebody's taste as unworthy. I see the US has been pretty happy with both Shakira and JLo. Does it matter I find JLo basic? It doesn't. I am one of billions. My argument was solely that we should not disregard, discredit or not acknowledge 'lessers' that paved our way. Those nobodies helped JLo big time become the star she is today.
  12. Targeting/classifying a specific group as one that hates JLo makes u stereotype that bottoms are unworthy *****es that do not recognize talent. Can everybody just voice whatever they think? Their bed preference is irrelevant. Also, it's super despicable and comparable to racism today that you won't 'hate' on somebody, since they "only" stole form a nobody. That's what white folks have been doing for many years. Stealing from black 'nobodies'. It came to bite them back in the ***, because you should always acknowledge your influence, and give credit where credit is due. I hope JLo gets cancelled really. At the end, I don't hate on her. I just don't support her nor ever will. (because of this partially, partially because her song release choices make my ears bleed and also because I am not entertained by her big booty dances tbh)
  13. That super petty song aimed to 13 y/o girls that have had a 1 week relationship at most is one of the very reasons I will never get into Little Mix. There is not one more juvenile thing than to write this song "Hope she aint faking it like I did, took four long years to call it quit" Girl, there's something wrong with u if you were faking it for four years and kept on going back Oh, I deleted all your pics Then blocked your number from my phone Yeah yeah, you took all you could get But you ain't getting this love no more 'Cause now I'm living so legit YOU DELETED MY PICS FROM YOUR PHONE and blocked me? The horror! How will I ever live? So legit. Guess I should say thank you For the "hate yous" and the tattoos Oh baby, I'm cool by the way Ain't sure I loved you anyway That boy is shooketh now that she starts doubting whether she ever loved him. These lyrics belong to 'cringy lyrics' thread, but instead of putting excerpts can just copy and paste the whole song. // I do agree Fifth Harmony didnt seem like they were meant for each other, but at least I can see some of the individual members as possibly having some star power and individuality
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