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  1. Give Tidal and When The Pawn a listen. She has always been pop - with mellow melodies on piano, with a lot of emotions conveyed through her voice. Her last two albums have been very experimental, but at most I'd say she has been doing alternative pop. So ye, she is pop. And she gets my vote easily.
  2. I wasn't discussing somebody's taste as unworthy. I see the US has been pretty happy with both Shakira and JLo. Does it matter I find JLo basic? It doesn't. I am one of billions. My argument was solely that we should not disregard, discredit or not acknowledge 'lessers' that paved our way. Those nobodies helped JLo big time become the star she is today.
  3. Targeting/classifying a specific group as one that hates JLo makes u stereotype that bottoms are unworthy *****es that do not recognize talent. Can everybody just voice whatever they think? Their bed preference is irrelevant. Also, it's super despicable and comparable to racism today that you won't 'hate' on somebody, since they "only" stole form a nobody. That's what white folks have been doing for many years. Stealing from black 'nobodies'. It came to bite them back in the ***, because you should always acknowledge your influence, and give credit where credit is due. I hope JLo gets cancelled really. At the end, I don't hate on her. I just don't support her nor ever will. (because of this partially, partially because her song release choices make my ears bleed and also because I am not entertained by her big booty dances tbh)
  4. That super petty song aimed to 13 y/o girls that have had a 1 week relationship at most is one of the very reasons I will never get into Little Mix. There is not one more juvenile thing than to write this song "Hope she aint faking it like I did, took four long years to call it quit" Girl, there's something wrong with u if you were faking it for four years and kept on going back Oh, I deleted all your pics Then blocked your number from my phone Yeah yeah, you took all you could get But you ain't getting this love no more 'Cause now I'm living so legit YOU DELETED MY PICS FROM YOUR PHONE and blocked me? The horror! How will I ever live? So legit. Guess I should say thank you For the "hate yous" and the tattoos Oh baby, I'm cool by the way Ain't sure I loved you anyway That boy is shooketh now that she starts doubting whether she ever loved him. These lyrics belong to 'cringy lyrics' thread, but instead of putting excerpts can just copy and paste the whole song. // I do agree Fifth Harmony didnt seem like they were meant for each other, but at least I can see some of the individual members as possibly having some star power and individuality
  5. The thing about Pink didn't surprise me at all since she's been incorporating aero gymnastics in so many of her tours, but go Hilary! Didn't see that one coming, since I've always seen her as being as a super feminine un-athletic type
  6. I find it a bit interesting how everybody's talking about Katy Perry's being so much more global than Ariana. Im from North Macedonia, and though Ariana's popularity was more gradual (there was not that many people mentioning her pre Dangerous Woman, and the follow-up Sweetener was perceived as lukewarm), Katy Perry's popularity was really churning out only hit singles here and there. BUT nobody really cared for Katy Perry - everybody was just listening to the songs they were fed from the radio stations. In this way, I don't think Katy Perry ever built a solid international fan base. Sure, radio supported her, but tbh I am into pop culture and I do not have a single friend in Macedonia that has mentioned Katy Perry as one of his favorites. She is rather forgettable. I am not delving into talent since I do not think it's even a fight (Ariana has got one of the best voices in pop music right now). If you talk about being big on numbers, streaming, videos and support in the US - I guess a lot of you guys know better, and it seems Katy's peak is unparalleled, but tbh I am not at all surprised that Katy Perry's career has taken a huge dip. She has been a one-trick pony music-wise, and she had that proved when she tried to burst out of her safe zone after too many years of general public friendly generic hits.
  7. I had voted as Lust for Life as the worst but I didn't see that LDL self-titled was there as well (since I never really see her as part of her discography). Anyways, my ordering would go 6. Lana Del Rey 5. Lust for Life (lots of boring lows unfortunately) 4. Born To Die 3. Ultraviolence 2. Norman ******* Rockwell 1. Honeymoon 2-3 can swap places sometimes since I feel BTD aging like milk, but then again some songs are still masterpieces. Ultraviolence is great, but I overplayed it back in 2014 and at this point I need to be in a specific mood to listen to it. 1-2 can also swap places as well but I still have some skips on NFR (because I haven't listened to them enough to understand their beauty). Honeymoon has none.
  8. Being 26 and mostly hanging out with people around the same age - Twitter still holds much more relevance and spreading messages than TikTok - TikTok is actually looked down upon as ****ty games for children up to the age of 16 and "cool" moms that forgot they have grown up and do not look cool doing cringy lip-sync shows to random audios from the net. Moreover TikTok is overtly used in India. I don't see it a worldwide phenomenon really. At least in Portugal I don't know anyone my age using it. Snapchat right now has less active users than Twitter. It's good for ***** is what it is. Don't see what else they have in common really.
  9. I am aware the show could not cost 57 million per night - I just stated that the facts the person who opened the thread stated seemed dubious at best We need actual receipts
  10. Was she losing 57 million euros per night? That would add up to half a billion euro loss throughout 10 dates only and ofc she doesn't have billions to support it. Those things don't add up.
  11. Skinny Legend (ft. Miley Cyrus) I am coming to slay (needle vibez)
  12. Many people slammed that movie. I felt uncomfortable watching them together and I was a 24 year old at the time. Thus, I wouldn't say Tom is a pedophile but the behavior in itself is predatory. Discussing maturity levels of people also shouldn't really be a topic - any kid having *** at 15 or 16 will claim they feel more mature for their age. I felt super mature at 16 or 17 and was an introvert that had a difficult time making friends in high school. Looking back I see myself actually being slightly depressed at that age but less mature in the sense of - I was super self-involved in accepting my orientation and sexuality that I was falling behind on many other life lessons. Otherwise I do agree with you - I don't think Tom should be "cancelled" for doing something consensual both parties wanted to do that would otherwise not be known if he wasn't a celebrity. But it is still a predatory behavior that If I am to have kids I would absolutely try to protect my child from.
  13. I dislike Femme Fatale, Circus and BOMT as a whole more than Glory. But to me, there was nothing that truly marked Glory for me as an event, video or a single song that I can't live without. Femme Fatale served looks on IWG, Inside Out and TTWE is a bop. She was successful in this era and also we got this unforgettable picture: You cant delete that i can't delete circus because it was a great comeback with some awesome singles. Baby one more time is also a worse album, but you can't delete the iconic songs, videos and lewks she served
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