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  1. Yess I feel like that sound would fit britney so well
  2. Blur is one of my favorite songs and I don’t remember anyone ever saying anything about it
  3. I don't really see the point in this... our support needs to be focused on streaming mood ring not competing with gaga
  4. What a great idea ill make a video on tiktok later! And if you dont have tiktok you should get it and do the dance!
  5. Yes! We need to get people to react to the song so the gp will know of its existence!
  6. This is really cool to see Gaga and Britney back on the charts! Lets bring back pop!
  7. Mine says #10 on itunes lets get it in the top 3 at least I doubt we can compete with the gaga songs
  8. Glory remains unbothered by all this hate. Flawless album is flawless.
  9. Shes currently the most streamed female artist and Future Nostalgia was a game changing album in my opinion so I personally see her going very far. Of course thats just a prediction hence why I included ariana and billie
  10. 1980: Madonna 1990s: Mariah 2000s: Britney/GaGa 2010s: Taylor/Katy/GaGa/Rihanna 2020s: I would guess Ariana/Dua Lipa/Billie Eilish
  11. This was great and a perfect idea to keep us entertained during the britney drought.
  12. You guys are so annoying and childish. We made Britney happy getting the album to #1 on the pop charts. Who cares about anything else? Also I wont stand for the Glory hate in this thread. Y’all know Glory slaps and you will deal
  13. The different lyrics are definitely odd and come off as too braggadocious. Im glad she didnt include this on blackout.
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