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  1. Probably around an hour and half two depending what time she normally goes out
  2. I don’t know if this can be the reason but the other day I was watching the news and they were saying that tocketmaster will be closing they sister sites such as get me in because it’s not fair for those that buy loads and loads tickets to then resell them for a really high price. So maybe because they are closing out the websites soon they are trying to get the tickets to sel for more money although you did say they are being sold for less value so my theory might be way out of touch.
  3. timito

    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    Then I don’t see why she removed slumber party it’s one of the great song from glory better than clumsy so annoying she doesn’t perform it anymore I wanted to see that live
  4. what they said about her voice and what you pointed out is so true. If I hear for example a demo of a song Britney sang and it’s exactlt the same song I do t feel the thrill as when I hear Britney sing it. That differentiation in her voice is not comperable. Also it was interesting to read about Leonardo de Caprio agreed to do the conversation part on oops that would have been epic if he did. Too bad we will never see Britney write her own songs more often and slay us like she does the producers
  5. @Guido you are so lucky to have been part of the show. Loved your energy! And I do think as you said you didn’t make Britney feel awkward By staring too much at her and you just had fun. Cherish this moment forever!