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  1. Delete block unfollow uppercut jab kick kick combo nobody needs that negativity in their life
  2. Volume UPPPPPP!!!!! sound UPP! https://instagram.com/stories/derrickr411/2440982423598369838?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=ktq9wykexjnw
  3. It’s DISGUSTING that BREATHEHEAVY is actively promoting it when we literally got confirmation yesterday she’s NOT working Until her dad is removed. Makes me wonder who else is on team CONS PAYROLL?????
  4. I’m 35 min from kentwood but everyone in that area goes to the redneck riviera or the Mississippi coast as we call it
  5. Probably remembers that arcade it was pretty awesome
  6. I was 8 years old , my mom and step dad had dropped me off at the casino game room for kids while they went to Gamble on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I had my 20$ to play but i had to make sure it lasted me the whole time they gambled so i figured out ways to do such . One of which was playing Cruisin USA because i could kick butt and as long as you win you go again. So it was my spot . I’m headed to the game and it had 2 seats where 2 people could play at the same time. As I’m about to put my quarter in a girl pops her head in with a big smile she said hi I’m Britney asks if she could play with me . I said yes of course thinking she’s pretty my ears probably turned red as my cheeks . I was shy shy shy . She was sweet funny and we were soon chatting away laughing about hitting a cow and making it explode. So she proceeded to tell me that she was on the Mickey Mouse Club to which i acted like it was no big deal bc i was rather embarrassed that the only time i got to watch the Disney Channel was during the summer when they gave it for a week for free! I had the biggest crush on her for that hour and her mom came and got her she wasn’t ready to leave . I never thought about it again until they did the special on Britney, and her being on the MMC and her face popped up in my brain and i nearly couldn’t believe it was real . Anyhoo thought I’d share #freebritney
  7. Never done drag or anything but i wanted to pay tribute to my woman, lost 40lbs to wear this https://www.instagram.com/p/CHBvlRwD-mH/?igshid=5g2faod96taq
  8. This is why they allowed it to be redacted. So that it would hurt Britney and to ruin Sam .
  9. Those legs are heavily botched and edited Britney has the most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen on a woman
  10. That was the last I’ve seen of her fluidity and actually feeling the music .understanding what has been going on now it’s completely a side effect of being controlled.
  11. No like put them in her own tab see how many views it gets haaaaaa
  12. Please Stop @Jordan Miller posting everything about her in this section. She may be related to Britney but idgaf about her at this point and I’m sick of the free publicity she’s getting off her sisters name and you’re enabling it. Start her own tab ... unless it’s directly related to brithey or the free Britney movement we don’t need to give her or lance bass any more clicks at her sisters expense.
  13. Part of me cannot stop thinking, where the hell has SAMBEEN!? Lmao like damn where is this coming from ? It’s awesome so i don’t let that fog my thinking but it’s almost like he’s fighting so hard Bc he knows that ship is going down and he wants to be able to be like well look I’m the one who ended it... point blank the movement has applied pressure in all the right places, this **** needs to end and it’s a beautiful thing what everyone has done to fight for our queen 👑. Y’all keep going!
  14. Can we stop caring about him ? Like pretty freaking obvious he’s using her name to try snd be relevant
  15. Best her hair has looked in years is in the make me original video
  16. I met him and he’s a complete *******. I was at his private party and he had me removed bc i took a picture of him lol i was 16 years old
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