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  1. There are three versions of the original game on GBA PC and PS2. The menu style I have used in my concept is from the GBA version however the intros are taken from the PS2 version. The aim of the PS2 and PC games are to be the best dancer for Britney however the GBA version is a slimmed down version where you play as Britney through two stages and unlock a video of Overprotected at the end, I want to use all three of these versions as the base for the game but like previous comments use the style of tap tap revenge for the gameplay as it is more suited for touch devices
  2. I created a Tap tap revenge Britney edition years ago when it was popular however I have lost it over time, thank you for reminding me of this this could possibly be incorporated into this as the game mode rather than the original style what do you think?
  3. I was thinking that and for the next one I do i would like to keep the style of the original but feature newer songs , I will show it with everything unlocked I think on part 2 thank you for the feedback
  4. Thank you guys that means a lot that you like it I will work on a part 2 of the concept what would you like to see if it was made into an iOS game?
  5. After playing the three editions of the Video game from 2002, I thought about what it would be like if it was adapted into and IOS game, I hope you enjoy my concept,
  6. well my first attempt anyway love it hate it say what you want about it hahaha
  7. its this version copied and pasted SKU code in google and this came up sorry guys https://upcdb.xyz/upc/886976049829
  8. oh thanks its called couple of hours of hardwork and I know it doesnt match you do a mix then you fucktard sorry I just thought we were all supportive here
  9. sorry its my dp on souncloud dunno what else to use any ideas
  10. What do you all think of this I thought do you wanna come over sounded a lot like lace and leather so I made this
  11. thanks i couldnt do that wouldnt work for me what do you think?
  12. Right click it and open in new tab that only way seemes to work
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