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  1. Though I’m a huge fan of Britney, I’m not an active member of exhale. However, I read a lot about your thoughts on Britney’s conservatorship and I feel like you are either scared or tired of being labeled delusional fans and thus you’ve stopped fighting for the cause. A true fan, and I know the majority of you here are, who has spent years of their time watching britney , would understand the heart-breaking real life drama that our girl is made a part of. I know that you guys can read how desperate she is from her eyes, she even said herself that she was threatened and falsely medicated. We know that she is being kept in this trap for the persistence of financial earnings for years now. Britney, with the eyes with the biggest spark, one of the biggest popstars in the world, a mother of two and a living legend, now cannot even remember her own songs, lost her children and life. And a lot of you guys try to get used the way she is abused, telling how you still believe her close circle might think the good of her when her words on the talk shows are cut and she is made to promote cheap Netflix series with an uneager, shaky voice. And I do not care if she becomes Britney Spears again, but she needs to be liberated and it is her right as a humanbeing. And I know that we could try more and make a difference if we act in unity! Don’t let our girl fade away even more.. #freebritney
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