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  1. I was ready to come in here and call dr drew a sham, but what he said is actually true. At the same time though I hate when people make mental illness a talking/debating point. No one needed him to come out and tell everyone that Britney was on medication and it was making her stiff. I think thats pretty clear for anyone whos been paying attention. I know people with Bipolar and the balance of medication is a very tricky thing that can sometimes take years to get right. All I know is Britney seems 1000x happier and healthier than she did in 2010-2012, they've obviously found the right balance for her and I think we should all be thankful for that. It seems like a lot of the time we want to overly criticize Britney, but we forget (including me) how much she has been through and all the things that she has to deal with on a daily basis that we probably have no idea about.
  2. Dont get too excited. Like other people have said here it sounds like Larry is using this as a negotiating tactic to get more money. Plus it sounds like if she did end up leaving PH that they wouldnt rule out signing another Vegas contract. Hopefully Brinny can handle the mega stress of moving theaters .25 miles down the strip
  3. I refuse to believe this. It would just be pathetic to rebrand POM as a 20th anniversary tour. I'm not here for another era in Vegas. I need Britney to Tour and serve visuals and artistry, or at least production thats a little more thought provoking/interesting. If Britney and her team were smart they could take major advantage of her 20th year in the industry (super bowl, world tour, a compilation album of unreleased tracks from her previous nine albums ) I think we all know thats probably not going to happen but its nice to dream sometimes
  4. she released confessions to capitalize off of Britneys absence , so no
  5. Diplomatic queen no but seriously what type of democracy postpones an election for a Britney concert? are they really concerned it will effect turnout or something?
  6. they want her to do the super bowl, yet they're incapable of putting together a 90 minute residency show thats had years to improve but just stagnates. If she's really here for B10 and put some major effort into restructuring her brand then i'd be super excited for something like that. We'll have to wait and see
  7. I think Selena wishes she was as talented and iconic as Britney was in her prime. A lot of the pop girls today incorporate parts of britneys brand into theirs, some more than others. I dont think its bad to be inspired by other people though so whatever. Selena has some cute hits and I actually kind of like her but comparing her to Britney in her primes is a little
  8. @button and you're a flop troll I dont even know why I responded to this thread in the first place.
  9. I cant with all of the people in here claiming the Glory era was successful. Just because its a quality album doesn't make it a "hit" @button there are lots of great albums that aren't recognized by the GP, I wouldn't call them hits. Anyone who is completely happy with how this era went is delusional. It had great potential, and I was really excited at the beginning before the whole Make me mess. Sorry but Britney doing a couple promo appearances doesnt really fix things for me, I would love if she was actually passionate about what she was putting out and her image. Also you all make it seem like Britney is doing a great deed by just putting an album out, thats literally her job. If she doesnt want to do it well anymore she shouldn't have to
  10. camilla and pitbull can keep it. His music/voice is really annoying to me so im not upset Plus if she did do the song it just looks like a desperate attempt to get a hit IMO. I'd be here for a high caliber producer collab or whatever you want to call it (with someone else not him)
  11. im so sick of WB and I love that song. I had a nightmare last night that Britney was performing WB and then she said she was staying in vegas for THREE more years this time. If shes going to stay in Vegas its time to completely revamp the show/setlist and actually make sure its up to Britneys standards. It just confuses me because I would think being in Vegas and not having to move equipment to a new location every night/ spend money on travel that they'd be able to put some of the money they're saving from not touring into actually making this a worthy show. It just looks cheap TBH and im not here for it anymore. On the plus side Britney looked so hot without the skirt, they should just get rid of it along with all the choreo
  12. Well I've kind of lost hope that Britney will ever tour again. This sucks on a lot levels, but being selfish here I know that I don't have the money to take a trip to Vegas to see the same show I've seen for years now. I can't imagine how the people overseas feel, I commend anyone who travels that far to see POM. Is honestly just so disappointing because I think we all know the potential that Britney has and its not being showcased. Honestly I feel like her team thinks they've dug themselves into such a deep hole that they've just stopped trying. Lets be real here, its disappointing to put out the flawless slumber party MV and not have it go anywhere on the charts really. Thats the problem though, they think that the is still the 00s and if you put out a killer MV the song will do great. Its just not the case, I feel like people want more than a great single or to have Britney add a song to POM that they like. Ive said it before and I'll say it now, if Britney wanted to be successful she would have a cohesive artistic era that has more meaning/purpose other than to sell POM tickets and keep her relevant for another couple months. Two more years of POM and britneys shitty money hungry team
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