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  1. im OBSESSED with this song and video. Those visuals, that beat in the bridge
  2. I personally prefer Stripped and Back to Basics.. but Bionic definitely has some bops in it. Desnudate my favorite! The fact that she says there was not hard song to record on the album, but still she has been changing the high note on the bridge of "You Lost Me" in all her live performances since 2010 because is too freaking complicated to sing. Fearless humble queen !
  3. OMG!!! I love it! I was wondering where was her new single.. I think she said she was filming a video at home since late march!! And the video for Break My Heart came out around that time as well.. Im glad to hear she will keep promoting FN, it deserve it big time!
  4. OMG.. I can see why they scrapped this. But WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY THINKING?!... This was supposed to be released like two years ago, when a lot of shootings in the US and violence acts in Europe were happening. They were very imprudent to use this concept I think.
  5. Hmm I will have to go with Physical, that energetic chorus is just too good . Altought I tend to get bored with songs very easily, I dont get tired of this one... and the video is a visual 0rg4$m .
  6. I saw the original video from the paparazzis and yes she looks a little different than 2017 but theres is nothing wrong with that. We are going through a veryy stressful time worldwide.. if she maybe doesnt feel like working out too much these days or maybe she wants to eat some indulgent food to deal with all this stress that is perfectly fine!! She is not on promotion or about to shoot a fashion campaign showing her body, she is on a break
  7. i dont like the racial controversies she has been involved in and I dont like she is working with Dr. Luke...
  8. Good for VMAs (i think)... NOW.. this CARDI AND NICKI DISCUSSION IS GIVING ME LIFE ,,,, gooo gurls!! defend your divas
  9. Of course she loves JLM, she created the main concept of that song. JLM also sounds a lot like Ace of Base, that 90s group that Britney loves. She should do some covers from AOB now that 90s inspired music is trending, but of course her team is a mess and they would never do something like that
  10. Dua had several producers from Confessions on the Dance Floor in Future Nostalgia. IM SOOO READY FOR HANG UP 2.0 WITH THESE TWO!!
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