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  1. Long long time ago, a way before Make Me leak and everyone be aware of Lou, i saw someone commenting on exhale she was the one to blame for the video to be scrapped
  2. people talk as if the ending of the official video isn't vulgar, britney almost having *** with a random guy while her friends watch
  3. I'll have to create another Instagram just to comment on that
  4. Prerogative bottle sucks You can see many photos on the internet of the pink painted on falling apart, including my bottle
  5. I would say prerogative smells like a sexy coffee shop lol but more like chocolate capuccino and not coffee
  6. I will!! I just found one topic here in exhale about prerogative rave and no one never talked about again
  7. I bought Prerogative and Believe together in the past summer Back then I didn't like Prerogative that much, but I think it was because of the weather and now it's my favorite And right now it's winter here and I can't stand Believe, this perfume is totally made for summer and sunny days
  8. I thought Ego was fake? I found a really good deal for Prerogative deal, usually the 100ml bottle is 70usd and I found for 25usd, so even if I don't like it will be nice to have it
  9. Any opinion on Prerogative Rave? I can't find many reviews I bought it recently but still waiting for delivery I wear Believe and the original Prerogative
  10. Just a curiosity Jason Trawick seems to still be in touch with Britney's family? He follows this girl and also follows Bryan instagram which is private
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