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  1. This song is not as strong as the rest of the TOTL, it's a pity that it's not happening this year. :( Death By ***, There Will Be Blood, Close Your Eyes and Tell Me It's a Nightmare are awesome.
  2. Outside the US/UK/english world, there are a lot of sexy videos, and these two are some of my favorites:
  3. Kylie Minogue, Little Mix, Ariana... October/November is gonna be packed!
  4. I wouldn't be mad if Britney had a costume like this for a tour or something, it's a good nod to the original without being literal. Also, love Thalia, she's a queen.
  5. I don't understand people complaining about this and saying that she should let it go, and grow up or whatever. It's her memoir and she's talking about her life and things that were meaningful/important moments to her. If there was a moment for her to speak about things that she felt back in the day, this is the moment, her book, her words and her life. I believe she never said bad things about Celine except for this situation. I feel like in Mariah's case she is such a fan of Aretha that she felt it was a little too much on Celine's part, which from a vision of a fan it can be something bad seeing your idol being "battle" against it, but we all know that Aretha was asking for them to help her "lift it up", and Celine went there and did her job.
  6. Why fight who is the sexiest if you can think of all at the same time?
  7. I'm latino myself and I can see how it might generate anger for some people someone like her calling herself a latina. It's not just a matter of the language, but the struggles that a lot of people from those "third world countries", like people from USA and Europe in general like to call, have to deal with and everything, and how it can be hard for people to break this, to have someone like her to feel entitle to say that and only claim that because being latino might be popular now. I don't even know Rosalia, and I'm not that bothered with all of this, but I can see why people are reacting like that.
  8. I believe the right answer is Daft Punk with Get Lucky. I don't remember any disco song being as successful since Madonna's Hung Up. After Get Lucky, there was always a disco-ish song that was released. Bruno Mars did it (Treasure, and many others), Mariah Carey with Meteorite (not a hit at all, but just to point out that she also did disco at some point), Katy Perry with Chained To The Rhythm, Kylie Minogue with 100 Degrees, Madonna with God Control, and so on.
  9. Mariah Carey is the queen of comebacks. TEOM is not her best album, but it had solid singles and some non single tracks as well. It's definitely a roller-coaster of emotions: It's like that We Belong Together Shake it Off Get Your Number Mine Again Fly Like A Bird
  10. She had a few shots, I believe that's why it might seem like lipsync. I like the song, but the visuals for this era are not that interesting to me. I understand her vision, it's just not what I thought we were gonna get from Kylie as a disco album. I was listening to this song all day long tho.
  11. It's a weird documentary because for half of it you're thinking "boo hoo poor little rich girl", and pretty much everything is very reality show-ish, from the boyfriend fight at Tomorrowland and stuff. The only topic where she's very candidly about is the Provo Canyon School, but the animations makes it feel less personal. She barely talked about her reality shows, which I believe is something that most people who follows her wanted to know more about it. For the way that she claims to live her whole life you can see why she went towards Britney, she probably felt close to her being so watched by everyone, the media, being so secluded from real life.
  12. Good for her for living her truth. Get it, girl! I believe people see this as a PR stunt because she's a woman, and for a woman to be bi it is a lot more acceptable than a man, so she has nothing to lose just like some others pop stars "came out" but in reality it was just a phase. You don't see famous men saying they are bi, because it "hurts" the image of masculinity () to the GP.
  13. I love some of his songs, it always gets me in a good mood! For those who thinks his songs are more generic, I recommend his early works, it's more club oriented and different from today's music scene. The performance of I'm Coming Out at VH1 Divas was epic, and he has a very good singing voice. People likes to make fun of Ru or say bad things about him, but to breakthrough as he did in the 90s and keep the ball rolling was insane. This is one of my favorites, for sure:
  14. Love the new song and the whole album is going to be such a serve. It even makes me want the japanese version for the BD of the Tokyo Dome performance.
  15. My top 5 is: Birthday (it is such a high energy song and I love it so much) Walking on Air Roulette Pendulum (one of my favorites from Witness) Witness Honorable mentions to Chained To The Rhythm, Swish Swish, Never Really Over and Legendary Lovers.
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