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  1. So she didn't do what she was paid for? Jk, that was very sweet of her to say those words.
  2. I think it would only work if it was a total re-branding for her, like the end of the c-ship and then drop an album full of personal songs and stories, that might not even be THAT personal, like a low level such as Why Should I Be Sad?. It might get some attention, but not sure if would be successful and get a lot of copies.
  3. "Talent" was never a requirement for people to become famous tho, if that's the case a lot of pretty actors and actresses but talentless wouldn't have a job, the same for singers out there. I personally don't care for this girl since she's more of a troll than a personality or whatever, but I don't think this is a fair thing. I can't say much about the US 'cause I'm not from it, but every time I see things like this happening because of nudity I can only imagine that those people who complains about this kind of stuff doesn't even take their clothes off to take a bath. So many issues are important but GOD FORBIDS A WOMAN PROMOTES HER S** PAGE, THINK OF THE CHILDREN. I guess we brazilians are too liberal.
  4. This is why Internet is not a place for kids, they want to make it as much as "kid and family friendly" but this is a grown up place.
  5. I've never seen a pop singer wanting so much to distance herself from what made her famous. We know she hates this blue wig, she destroyed multiple times, but girl, give it a rest. She honestly makes it hard to like her. lol With that being said, the video is not that bad and the concept is fine. We are the aliens who try to save Katy by wanting the "old Katy" back, but we won't ever have that. We got it, girl.
  6. And to think that Nintendo would be smart enough to ask for a picture of her actually playing the game, and not just looking at the console. Giving us "gamer girl playing with her controller off" vibes.
  7. The song is alright, it sounds like a deluxe track for Japan or something. And yeah, that "head first all the way down in gravity' arms we'll drown" part doesn't really sounds like her, specially the high note. The description of being very Britney Jean is accurate, the vocals are very layered.
  8. As long as we wants to appeals to teenage girls, which nowadays most of them want their popstars to have the "kpop body", he may feel pressure to be fit. Also, he's a tall guy, even if he put on a little weight he would still look fine. I don't see him having longevity if that's the only audience he wants, because I don't see female adults and men in general buying his music at all.
  9. She's so clueless about her audience. I like Katy, but sometimes she's just.... too much.
  10. I mean... (she*) I don't even care about the girl, but let's be real.
  11. The "ai como eu tô bandida" sample is so awful that it becomes enjoyable in the song, and to think that the girl from that song is from my hometown. lol
  12. It's a pity that Lives and more isn't the full Crazy 4k Tour, and the songs are short versions. All those extras are so unnecessary. FF Tour DVD can choke, bad cover, bad editing, dubbed vocals on DVD over pre-recorded vocals that were fine. It could be a cute release if it was handled better. As for the concert itself, it's not that good, she doesn't seem to want to be there (and we all know why).
  13. Probably, people expect "A SHOW" when it comes to Katy, and she has been pretty consistent with the visuals. Not a lot of dates tho.I believe now it's a matter if she wants to, because of little Daisy. Probably with a new album for the next 2 years or something. She can put a black wig and people will die for, playing with nostalgia and all. I can't with the gays here, Britney struggled selling tickets for The Femme Fatale Tour and you all want to act cute.
  14. Her first album which I remember the release and the singles when it was happening. Amazing album, amazing tour, amazing comeback. My top 5 favorite tracks are (the rest of the album is great, the only one I don't care that much is Cosmic): Like a Drug Sensitized Nu-di-ty WOW Cherry Bomb
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