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  1. I like it! It's better than KTL when I listened for the first time, which was a little underwhelming, so it's definitely a grower. The visuals are amazing, as always. Even the wigs look good.
  2. I made a quick gif from the Piece of Me moment, and no, it's not missing any frame from the scene, it is this way in the official video (around 0:30). so yeah, nothing is impossible. @Neneleaks Yeah, I saw one where the girl is in a white shirt and it's so spot on that really looks like Britney. https://i.imgur.com/zAB6veL.jpg
  3. Probably. They already did something like this for Piece of Me, replacing the face of a dancer for Britney in the bedroom scene. With proper technology the sky is the limit.
  4. I don't remember all the songs from Bionic, but Vanity is my ****. Some of the pics are a little too much for my personal taste, but the overall aesthetic of the album was great.
  5. I don't think she's saying saying that because she's black people don't care about her music, but how the industry works making black artists be "urban" and white people "pop", which is true. The problem with her music career is that she tried shooting at all different directions, and nothing besides 2 On or Hands On Deck really caught people's attention. I don't follow her career that closely, but I believe is a matter of bad management, with them not knowing how to sell her and try to appeal to a certain public, and bad songs (sorry about it). It's a pitty because she's talented, but at least now she has some fans out there (I guess ).
  6. At least we know how they might sound together. just put both songs together and you got a banger.
  7. I don't think any collaboration with this generation of Kpop would really fit her that well. To be honest I don't think groups collaborating with singers fit well in general, not only for kpop. Maybe a collaboration with someone from an older generation, like Lee Hyori, would be cool. This is basically What You Need, and I can see Britney performing like this for sure.
  8. with this whole smear campaign against him. I think he makes her happy, bottom line. That's the only thing that matters to me. People say like Britney is an angel and never cheated on nobody. His message was all over the place, tho. I guess he had good heart to do so, but well.
  9. I will be funny seeing the kids of today, that enjoy TikTok and all, how they are going to see themselves in the future. It's pretty much how we make fun of the scene days and all haha. Also, they are trying to be edgy, just look around tumblr 10 years ago, you would see kids making rape jokes (like the 5th Harmony girl), trying to be sassy and making fun of their parents. It's a natural thing. Btw, Harry Potter is overrated. And so is drinking coffee and wine.
  10. Vision of Live, I Don't Wanna Cry, and Loves Takes Time is a must. Love 'em. I'm curious to what's coming.
  11. The only song I enjoyed from the album was Genetics, even tho the collaboration with the *****cat Dolls didn't add nothing to the song (the one without the feat was out for a while before the album). I never got to like a full album from her, only some random songs...
  12. Love them since Boombayah, it's so weird to think it has been 4 years already, and they have like 15 songs. lol
  13. The song was number 23 on Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100., so no Hot 100 position. As stated there, the Bubbling Under is a chart which ranks the Top 25 songs that have yet to appear on the actual Hot 100.
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