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  1. And it's changing public perception; people are finally realizing Britney was never crazy, and that weakens team con's narrative. I'm happy! This doc has definitely given the movement more credibility, so more famous/important people are inclined to voice their support for Britney.
  2. Well, almost everything in her career has been messy for the last 12 years at least, no need for a greater meaning behind that. But it's just too good to be true, this collab isn't happening. Never ever
  3. THIS ALSO!!!! It's very very hard to break free of an abusive situation when everyone around calls it "love" because it suits them somehow (and probably because sometimes what most people perceive as parenting and family relations is actually just social accepted bullying).
  4. THIS. See, I come from a VERY disfunctional family as well; people who never respected each other, who'd always treat each other badly, people who'd never be at peace if they were together. I grew up thinking this was family, that there could be nothing different; realizing that was not normal at all was kind of a gradual shock. Took me more than 20 years to admit to myself that I lived in an abusive enviroment and that that was not what a loving family was like. So I relate to Britney in this sense, the way she's always wanted to build the family she didn't have, wanting to give "family" a different, better meaning. It's possible that her relatives think the way they treat each other, relate to each other is healthy and perfectly normal, like mine still do. Everytime I think of her mother, I immediatly think of mine too. Never really doing anything to fix what's wrong, conforming to a shítty life even though it harms their children, using their children to self benefit and closing their eyes to what's wrong and what's in their power to change. I know some people might defend her 'cause now she appears to be doing something in Brit's favour but honestly, I don't trust her. My mother wants to be perceived as someone who cares and who did all she could, when in fact she'd never do shít to change the situation. If I had children, I'd never allow anyone to hurt them, whoever it might be; but Britney's been in this mess for 12 years and only last year she seemed to make a move, and only because the movement caught wind. So she might not be an abuser herself, might haven't hurt Britney directly, but anyway I look at it, she was conniving. But IDK, my feelings always get in the way exactly because sometimes the simmilarities hit too close to home. Britney deserves to be happy and have a family in her own terms, I just hope it becomes her reality soon.
  5. I just saw that part 3 will be released on 11/1 (they had to delay it 'cause shít's deeper than they had predicted) AND there will be a part 4!!!
  6. This is huge, yes, but let's take everything with a grain of salt. First of all, this lawyer is no savior, and he's not exactly on her side. The way I see this, he finally realized that the freebritney movment wasn't going away and that we were pulling all the skeletons from all the closets and leaving no stone unturned and decided to try and cover his own ***. That's because he was already being sued by the Casey Kasem's widow for his death, that's already too much scandal for someone who profits from working in the shadows. I mean, he's been in this mess from the very beggining, do you guys really think he' suddenly had a change of heart? Come on now... BUT (and it's a biiiiiig but) he's doing good, whatever his reasons are, and one can only hope he'll continue to go in the right direction for once in his life and help Britney break free; hopefully that's what's happening now and not simply just a power/control shift to ensure the cship's longevity. ps: I'm sorry that I'm not as optimistic, but let's not get dispirited, positive changes HAVE to come.
  7. Joke's on them because there's TONS of evidence linking Tri-Star to Stonebridge, though team CON said the companies are not related. According to that Surprise Witness ANGEL, they basically commited perjury. Not only that, shít gets DEEPER because they're apparently trying to erase the evidences from the internet, but weren't quick enough, so there is proof.
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