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  1. Sam Asghari has signed a non disclosure agreement (NDA) meaning he cannot speak to the media about Britney unless specifically informed that it is okay to do so. This is another set up by TMZ. Coincidence they're the only paparazzi there? I think the f**k not.
  2. What I understand from these documents that they drugged her for years... Drugs are really dangerous. They are treating her like a lab mouse. She can't live like this forever. I feel like she will die in near future.
  3. I'm not her doctor. But I don't bellive that drugs are answer. Read this article bitches: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/depression-medication-why_b_550098
  4. Also I think that She doesn't need any medicine. She was so into her workout and she was busy with her Vegas shows. Her instagram says a lot. She was happy. I don't think that she faked on her instagram like so many people. It was the real deal. She wasn't tired of her shows schedule. It was like zumba workout for her anyway.
  5. I'm not trusting her doctors. They are treating her like a lab mouse. They say she has never been diagnosed bipolar. She looks like an forcefully over-medicated soulless shell. Clearly those meds are not working.
  6. We don't know which meds they gave her. She can feel suicide because of these drugs. They are treating her like a lab mouse. Mj died cuz of meds. Same thing could happen to Britney.
  7. He wasn't hero for sure. But after hating him for years now I find myself agreeing with a lot of what he says. I thought the conservatorship was in place to protect her from facing Sam Lutfi in court but he was payed off years ago and she’s still controlled. She hasn’t had any freedom since 2007. We did not see the real evil for years.
  8. HER SONS ARE THE ONLY REASON SHE IS ALIVE TODAY. They are the only reason she is still holding on. She’s being forced to stay away from her childrens. This is sick and frustrating.
  9. I don't blame Jamie Lynne or Lynee Spears. Because this religious bitch Lou washed their brains. I think that they have weak mind. It easy to manipulate them with religion. Britney in great danger. There is no one to help her.
  10. The fact that Sam is only there to deliver her to someone else to pick her up and then goes back inside is so weird.
  11. This pics are staged. Her team doing this to distract us. I believe that her team casting Sam. FFney again. My heart can't handle this. So sad.
  12. Her handlers already have her in rehab. Their goal use to her mental ilness to win gain interest circa another comeback.
  13. When they release Britney from mental faculty they gonna act like nothing happened. She will say something like I wasn't ready to perform mentally. This hiatus will continue. They gonna announce her fake retirement. Because of backlash from us. They will wait for a while until her next Vegas show. They think that people will forget whole thing. To be honest they already forgot Kesha.