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  1. RCA didn't support her. It is the worst record label for any artist. (Remember what they did with Normani, Tinashe, Miley Cyrus). They just wasted money with original Make Me video. I think Jamie did this. Probably he didn't approve cage or *** scenes. Her handlers only cared about Vegas shows. Because that's what made really money for them. Britney actually tried for Glory. She did promote. It was a big improvement for her when you think about Zombie Fatale and Myah Jean eras. We can't blame her. She really loved that album and work hard for it. She took her time for it. In this era her handlers gave her more freedom for album direction. Because they were milking money with Vegas. For her team new album is not necessary even. They know that they can use nostalgia factor and she already have many hits.
  2. Sometimes I feel like she is just dancing against mirror and watching herself but somebody secretly recording her behind the mirror and then making these horrible edits and sending her instagram. Of course that's not the case in here. It can't be true. But I just wanted share how I felt. The vibe is really strange and why they are sending recycling old pictures all the time. It almost like they are running out pictures and Britney not producing new ones for them.
  3. I think we totally lost her. They drugged her to death multiple times and that's the result. When she acted like herself last time was in 2016 during the Pom 2.0 right before mental facility. The last treatment completely changed her. Her lawyer doing these only for money. Not because of the right reasons. They just keep delaying everything to gain more money from this lawsuit.
  4. It wasn't that much different then POM. Just setlist and new versions of the songs were better. I wish the guy who created these remixes just share with us.
  5. Well its her team behind this post for sure. But I think Britney doesn't have any problem with it. Because she knows what's really matters and makes more money is. Which is her tours and residencies. So she may be even happy about it that Glory gaining more attention. Cuz she was so passionate about the album before all these shlt happened.
  6. I liked the song. Because of the vibe. It's really dreamy. But I pretend like Britney did collaboration with someone else. She is not singing some parts. That's for sure. Because she didn't finish recording. It seems like she is not gonna mention on her social media accounts. So then she is not feeling it.
  7. Well she still didn't share anything about the song on her social media accounts. Maybe she won't support it.
  8. You can listen matches in my instagram stories with better quality guys! Your welcome. My Ig: dogusseser
  9. I think she didn't finish recording this song. And they just used background vocalist for the rest of it when they putting together. I'm listening Britney since 1999. I know her real deep voice and her baby voice. They can't fool me.
  10. I understand why they cut swimming in the stars from Glory. It doesn't fit the rest of the album. And it seems like unfinished. I felt like Britney only singing chorus. Who recorded the rest of the song in this case? Myah is back? What do u think guys? Cuz I can't be the only one who felt like that way. Its so obvious. She didn't record full song and they used someone else vocals.
  11. I really liked this original album photoshoot concept. She looks like a Greek goddess. This is her best single cover for me. We are so thirsty for new song. So I'm pretty sure it will be successful. I decided to support. Because she needs to stay relevant in the industry. She will be the one who gains more benefits at the end of the day. We have think about her future career.
  12. Such a shame that she didn't collaborate with Lady Gaga after all these years. I think main problem was her team and record label. That's why we didn't get any collaboration with A-list singers. Even Xtina and JT down for duet wit her at some points. But her handlers bloke it. It started to leak and its sounds terrible. Its like Myah Mariah feat Kim Petras and auto tuned af.
  13. The whole Britney Jean album /era was just a commercial for Vegas. Obviously team cship pushed Britney to record. She didn't want to work. She didn't even go to studio to finish her album. I think she wanted record something different. She wanted more songs like Alien. But they didn't listen her. So Myah was their only option.
  14. Another best of album with some unreleased songs and remixes on the way. They are desperate for some cash.
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