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  1. We need producers like Giorgio and I want dance album for b10. She needs to work with Daft Punk.
  2. Who is singing on bridge? lol that's not Britney Someone imitating her voice on bridge. Myah Maria is that u?
  3. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/pdominguez/britney-spears-conservatorship-fans-social-media-freebritney
  4. She lost her passion cuz of obvious reasonss and her handlers drugged her for years. But she gained her attitude in 2016. I think that's the time when she stopped using medications.
  5. This is a paradox. They drugged her for years. Because of them she is not mentally healthy anymore. So I belive "Britney would die" story. I hate to say it but I think she needs some kind of protection. But from who? Don't know at this point. Her father, Kevin and team obsessed with her money. I don't think that her mother also good idea. I'll hope I'm wrong and she is mentally ok to free herself.
  6. I think her team behind this mess. They make her to believe that she is fat.I mean we all know they deleted it positive comments.
  7. How she cant see background ? That's weird. I mean we all know there is no brand control on her instagram. But this is to much. Her team can't be that blind. They r doing this for purpose. She is obsessed with her body image. It's not healthy. I still believe her team and Sam manipulating her about body image.
  8. I don't get it. I think her body looks good. Suddendly she became obsessed with her body weight. I blame Sam for that. Also I'm pretty sure her team manipulating her.
  9. I think that Lynn deep down knows the truth. I think she is trying to collect more proof to use against her abusive team. U guys remember? Lynne also hired an investigator for make me video leak.
  10. I told u guys. But u didn't believe me. Her team trying to manipulate her about her body image.They r setting her up. They are the one who is responsible for her plastic surgeries. Such as new nose. They told Britney about her Hawaii pics didn't recieve good comments which it's not true. Majority of us loved it. They r showing her only bad comments.
  11. Her instagram posts are so cringe now. I'm pretty sure team B behind these posts. It's not doing a favor for her on puplic eye. They will use these posts against her for conservatorship. I feel like they are setting her up to fail, from what we have gathered they have restricted some freedoms, but it’s all meant to make her seem incapable of handling her life come the September hearing.
  12. What I believe is that her team manipulating her about her body image. They want her to lose self-confidence. So they can control her more. She doesn't have internet access all the time. She has it when her team allows it. She send it these videos. Because that way people started to talk about different subject then conservatorship. I loved it her instagram posts. But these posts not doing favor her. Think big picture. Her team will use these posts against her. Media is already started to portrait her as an fame thirsty singer who is unstable obsessed with her body image.
  13. I believe that she doesn't have internet access all the time. And her team told her that we r criticizing her recent pics. But that's not true. Majority of us love recent pics. I didn't see any photoshopped recent pics. Lies from team to Britney. I think her team manipulating her about free Britney movement too. Maybe she thinks whole movement damaging her.
  14. Lol skinny legend. But that's weird. She looks amazing in paparazzi pics. So her team told her that we're criticizing?! And she never concerned about her body image before. I mean she never spoke about it. Besides piece of me song. I think her team manipulating her about her body image. That's sad.
  15. Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, review: Miley Cyrus shines in a prescient, if vague, story with echoes of 'Free Britney https://www.telegraph.co.uk/on-demand/0/black-mirror-rachel-jack-ashley-review-miley-cyrus-shines-prescient/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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