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  1. So NBC has footage from Britney’s 2016 BBMA performance in the newest commercial for the 2018 Billboard Awards. They open the commercial with her on the guitar during I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll and show her fierce look from the opening of Slave 4 U. This proves that Britney is a huge ratings draw and had one of the best performances ever on the show. Why else would they feature her so much when showing past clips in a commercial?

    But has anyone noticed that they also feature a small clip from Britney’s Piece of Me residency of the confetti falling? Just wondered why since that has nothing to do with Billboard.

    Nonetheless, Billboard definitely loves them some Britney! 

    The POM confetti clip is at the 45 second mark.

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  2. No. She’s done great things, but she is not “influential” anymore.

    And about Cardi B, she is THE biggest artist out right now. Her album instantly went platinum from streams alone. She also broke a record and had THREE songs in the top 10 at once. Her first song also went to #1. Everyone talks about her and her personality is loved by many. She’s done more than enough to be influential. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, WhatYouNeed said:

    i mean, to be fair the original concept for make me looked a mess but on the other hand there's a lot of footage we haven't seen so we'll never know.

    The official one is complete trash anyways :sew: 

    The original one would’ve had people talking. It had a style to it and was different than anything I have seen. It had a rawness to it. Britney naked in the cage, the full choreography, her throwing the tv and the guy dying and then parts of her doing choreo shown on the screen under the water, G-Eazy on top of her doing the rap from her perspective.... and that’s just the parts we’ve seen!

    I think the full video in HD would have been AMAZING!

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  4. I was seriously SO excited when this commercial came out because she looked flawless and her best since possibly her prime and I was genuinely impressed.

    If the original Make Me had been released that would have been perfect, but of course they had to mess that up.

    I’ve never seen an artist release so many pictures and give an interview on set to then COMPLETELY scrap the music video... I will never get over it. EVER!

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