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  1. 3 minutes ago, Cappycorn87 said:

    She can be big again

    As long as the music there then the rest will follow

    She would have to sing live and dance VERY similarly to her old self.

    The Slumber Party video and live performance of Something to Talk About did it for me, but of course the general public didn’t see any of that.....

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  2. 3 minutes ago, JustLuvMe said:

    Beyonce :staysalty:

    also a lot of these are just for the nostalgia, like why is Lucky even here...might as well throw in Sometimes :nicki2:



    Lucky is one of her best videos.....

    The whole look of it says “superstar” and no other female pop star has a video that big and grand like that. She was beautiful in it and on top of the world!

    Beyoncé only has a couple of iconic videos, but most are nowhere near as amazing as Britney’s. The ONLY ones that come to mind are Single Ladies and Crazy in Love. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Sharkney said:

    Make Me official version should be on this list ;)

    In all seriousness... My Prerogative deserves to be here. It can replace Till the world ends. Never cared much for that video.

    I wasn’t really making a list of her best videos, I was just putting a bunch of them in a post because I was admiring how incredible her videography is. She is just truly one of the greatest pop stars of all time and I don’t think she will be topped for years to come! Just don’t see it happening at all.

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  4. The problem is that the general public will NEVER think of Britney the same after her meltdown. No matter what she does she will never live that down. Almost every time people talk about her they act like she’s still crazy. They just won’t move on! They judge her so harshly and many people don’t even give her a chance. They just start bashing her performances almost immediately and it’s like they are picking apart every little detail to find things to complain about. Apparently Britney is the only pop artist who lip-syncs. She’s definitely one of the only ones who actually give a true performance!

    Yes, she still performs better than most pop stars and is an ICON, but I don’t know if she can ever be huge again. 


    It’s very sad really and very frustrating.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Dripping For Britney said:

    Schoolgirl costume

    The snake

    Denim outfits


    See, I think the school girl uniform is what started it all and it was so controversial and it’s definitely iconic, but I feel like people and fans talk about the red catsuit more often and dress up as that than they do the school girl. The sexy school girl is a thing in general anyway but the catsuit is just Britney’s thing and people always associate that with her along with the inconic choreography that goes with it