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  1. 1 minute ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    I remember she talked about that. But I mean, some things just have to be done. Someone needs to tell her people are paying 2K for this photo. The LEAST she could do is suck it up and get her sh!t done properly so she can look good for the photo and give that fan a nice gesture, it’s only fair. The fan may be getting what is advertised, but 2K for a generic “hi sweetie” and a photo where 50 percent of the time it looks like she just rolled out of bed is unacceptable. Fans shouldn’t have to be playing roulette and hoping for “omg I hope she has her makeup done right and is in a good mood today”.

    I completely agree! I understand it makes them money, but Britney is just not comfortable enough to do meet and greets. I’ve never understand why she does so many. But at this point fans know what they are going to get for the most part. If it’s important enough to spend that much money on 5 seconds with their idol and a potentially awful picture, then that’s really on them. It’s a shame though. She hasn’t looked flawless in a single one in my opinion. She was looking so good at the beginning of 2016 and everyone was shocked saying how she was aging backwards Nd now she’s looking possibly the worst ever. Her skin just looks bad. Have no idea what happened.

  2. On 10/12/2017 at 2:32 PM, BoyToySoldier said:

    Britney taking bad M&G's? Groundbreaking.

    Take it for what it is, this won't change until some professional people step in and take control. The way it's going, Britney has no clue how to market and brand herself. Not that she even cares lol but that's what a staff is for. She doesn't have to worry about doing her hair and makeup if other people would do it for her.

    It’s not that professionals won’t do her hair and makeup, Britney just doesn’t like being touched. It’s a fact that she gets such bad anxiety and would rather do it herself. I just don’t understand how Britney has been in the industry this long but doesn’t know how to do better makeup.

    Yes, she has had work done and has been in the sun WAY too long, but she could look SOOO much better if she just knew what she was doing. Like I truly just do not understand how she can let herself look like this or let the quality of the lighting be that bad. She makes SO much money and the show has made SO much money that the lighting should’ve been fixed a long ass time ago.

    Makes no sense.....

  3. She just doesn’t dance with her whole body like that anymore. That’s why I love the Circus GMA performance. The way she moves in it was like the old Britney. She moves all parts of her body now and bends her knees more, she just doesn’t use one fluid motion to connect everything. It’s robotic. It’s like, move here, move there. It’s very simplistic choreography and she also over thinks. I bet she’s lost a lot of her skill at this point. She would need to spend a long, long time many weeks in a dance studio with a professional choreography and she would need to have 100% dedication. I believe she could do it she wanted bc she is in stellar shape, but I just don’t see it happening. She shows no signs of having drive anymore. None whatsoever.

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  4. Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed many artists uploading their songs on YouTube lately!

    Shania Twain uploaded her entire album and I think Fifth Harmony did. Also, I know Carrie Underwood did with her most recent album.

    I just don’t understand what happened bc she was everywhere it seemed like during the Femme Fatale era and had big hits, but her with past 2 albums it’s as if only her fanbase knows about her music.

    I understand she and her team have been more concerned with Vegas, but these are two albums in her career that have flopped and that’s on her permanent record. Like she’s slowly losing her legacy. I would have much rather Britney just not release another album until after Vegas or until she was ready to make an amazing body of work that lived up to her past music. 

  5. In the Zone: The last (and best) album of primeney that was her most mature yet. Features first single with Madonna, “Me Against the Music”, her most popular hit, “Toxic”, and her best ballad, “Everytime”. Also includes fan favorites “Breathe on Me” and “Touch of My Hand”. This is the most involved Britney has been with an album to date.  

    Blackout: Britney’s complete reinvention created during the midst of her public breakdown. Features lead single and hit, “Gimme More” with iconic line, “It’s Britney Bitch!”, and includes the give no eff’s “Piece of Me”. Britney was less involved with Blackout than previous efforts, but with immaculate and “next level” production, this album became her most cohesive.



    ONCE AND FOR ALL: Which is best?

  6. I would love something like this for Britney! It’s very laid back but upbeat and edgy sounding.

    She’s never really had a song like this. 

    Britney is going to have to be next level this next go around. She CANNOT play it safe! The reason Baby, Oops, Slave, Toxic, Womanizer, and all of Blackout worked is because they were different than everything else out and led the way for pop music. She made a huge mark and her music became iconic. She hasn’t has an incredible single, I would say, since Womanzier. Till the World Ends was good, but she needs a game changer with this next album!