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  1. Britney has been in the game since she was a kid and has recorded music for almost 20 years. She has 2 diamond albums, 5 #1's, has sold over 150 million records, and has a Las Vegas residency. She's the PRINCESS OF POP. When any of the artists these morons stan for accomplish all of that then they can say whatever they please. Until then, they should really shut the hell up.


    Thank you. :truthtea:

  2. Kelly Clarkson's song Piece By Piece was out for a long time and wasn't doing well. She gave one great performance and it charted at #10 on the Hot 100. This VMAs performances could more than likely change everything for Make Me bc people are going to look up the song, re-watch the performance on YouTube, and it will probably be talked about all over the media, especially if she nails it. I still see it getting into the top 10 easily! Quit worrying so much people! 

  3. 3 minutes ago, rainbow said:

    I can't like any of her makeup until those GOD DAMN LIPS!! Recover? When Tf is that sh!t gonna wear out and go back to normal? Who lied in here and said it would "go back to normal" :whitneyshade: probably permanent 

    They really aren't THAT bad. When the makeup is done right she looks great!

  4. Just now, Barbie. said:

    Glenn is actually the one who did last year's VMAs & TCAs (which is actually the best I think he's made her look).  He has his moments but he's pretty amateur for the most part.  His expertise is hair, makeup is just something that he does on the side.


    Well at this point I really don't know what to think! I'm just praying she looks amazing! She deserves nothing but the BEST.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Barbie. said:

    Melanie is ok (much better than Glenn, but then who isn't?)  but I wish Britney stole JLo's makeup artist again, the one who did her makeup for the POM 2.0 photoshoot.  Melanie really fucked up her makeup for the BBMAs red carpet:sickofu:

    Woah... She did that? It was mostly the lipstick color that messed up that look, but yeah, wasn't the best. She looked flawless on stage though! I LOVED her makeup at last year's VMAs!

  6. 4 minutes ago, Your Gravity said:

    She will do the red carpet, she usually wears all black. Maybe she'll switch it up for her glorious return :orly:

    I'd love for her too wear something completely different like a suit and fedora or at least a dress that's not super short and tight like always. Something that really makes people take notice! I mean, she's BRITNEY SPEARS!

  7. She's not opening so we'll probably get to see her in the audience watching the other performances and looking flawless! And then we get to see the reactions of the others artists/celebrities watching Godney perform! And do you think she's going to walk the red carpet? I mean, she has to!