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  1. I just watched what we have of it and it just COMPLETELY SLAYS. It has the type of out there boundary pushing look that would have made an impact and made it stand out. Yes it’s raucnhy and over sexual but that’s the point! The song is called Make Me ‘OOH’!! I just get so worked up and sad when I see her different looks and her hair and her in the cage and her just completely eye f**king the camera the entire damn time. And then the scene with G-Eazy where Britney is there and they have sex....it would’ve had people talking! The TV being thrown out and killing the guy would’ve had people talking!


    Just think about how her career would have gone if they released this. Yes, it’s an out there concept and people would have also talked negatively, but OH MY GOD, not relasing this was one of the worst mistakes and career moves I have ever seen in the history of pop music!!! I truly stand beside that and will never think differently!


    If anyone didn’t turn in their stan card then, you must be here to stay because this whole thing was just mind blowingly crazy to me......I will NEVER get over it!!

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  2. 6 hours ago, ToxicMadLove said:

    But the B10 producer is confirmed. Sean Preston. He’s producer, gonna name it, and gonna “sing” it. 


    Lol but in all seriousness. I am so sad with where Britney is at. I don’t even want a new album if Britney isn’t going to be all in. She needs to be passionate about it, write for it, help produce and love every inch of it. I don’t want the manufactured Britney any more


  3. She comes across so genuine here and her personality just truly shines. The guy interviewing her was so chill and laid back and you could tell she was completely at ease and herself. It covers so much including her first time meeting Madonna and her relationship with JT.

    She’s perfect here.

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  4. SWEETIE....

    She won the first American Idol.

    She actually became huge when the odds were stacked against her.

    She has a modern pop/rock classic that many say is one of the best pop songs of all time (that being Since U Been Gone).

    All 8 of her albums have debuted in the top 3 with 3 of them debuting at #1.

    11 top 10 singles including 3 number ones.

    Her greatest hits went gold and her Christmas album went platinum. 

    Her song Don’t You Wanna Stay is the highest selling country single of all time.

    She’s won Grammys, Vmas, A People’s Choice, an American Music Award, ACM, CMA, and Billboard Awards. 

    She’s sold 25 million albums.


    She’s sand the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

    Her mother in law is REBA.

    She has sung pop, pop/rock, rock, r&b, country, soul, broadway, and is classical trained and can sing opera. 

    In her first season as a coach on The Voice she won with her very first chair turn AND with the youngest contestant. 

    She is a successful children’s book author.


    SO TO SUM UP: she’s remeained popular, sold 25 million+, has multiple number one singles and albums, has been successful in multiple genres, has won just about every award imaginable, sang for huge people, won a talent competition and won a talent competition as a judge, hold records, and has a pop classic.



    I’m honestly just being petty and really don’t care that much, I just really like Kelly! Haha.

    Everyone’s of course entitled to their own opinions and I know she isn’t the most popular out there, but I truly think she deserves top 5 in the list. I just can’t at people putting Miley, Taylor, Avril, Demi, and Kesha so high...



  5. 1 hour ago, mrjt1986 said:

    I think the only people allowed an opinion on this are people who have been. You can’t compare fan filmed smartphone footage to directed dvd footage of old tours. I’ve seen POM & loved it even after seeing the videos prior & being a bit anxious but in Vegas with the whole stage and everything it was great. She didn’t sing live but the audio was a lot better than you hear on the videos. The only thing that really disappointed me was no live vocals on her ballads. I saw Onyx live and enjoyed it on the same level as POM but hearing Everytime live was an absolute moment and I pray one day we’ll get that again one day. Circus was great but I think that was because those songs were fresh then and having a center stage was amazing! FF was ok but my least fave of the 4 tours I’ve been to. Can’t wait for Pride tomorrow and O2 end of the month. Will def go Vegas to see a new show if she launches one next year and it’s a completely fresh format. For her to make it all perfect again; live ballads, get sexier on BOM & TOMH ala Onyx tour and give it a theme like all previous tours. Aside from that I still think POM is a great celebration of her career and she performs it well and I enjoy it just as much as all her other tours

    I was just saying in my OP that I cannot even comprehend how great it must have been seeing her live in person during her peak when people say POM is better in person. I get that everything is better in person, but it just makes me dream of what it would have been like.

  6. 3 hours ago, reoha098 said:

    no hopes for this fanbase. OMG. All the positivity that is not much now are being turn into negativity.  i mean just look at this thread. People who actually really enjoyed and said pom in person is better, its like their opinions dont matter anymore. OMG.  negativity negativity negativity wins. 

    I was not being negative in the least bit with this thread....

    I literally was JUST SAYING that with everyone saying POM is much better in person than on videos, you can ONLY IMAGINE how great seeing her prime in person would have been.

    I was not saying ANYTHING bad about POM at all. I like POM and think it’s the best she has been since her prime. I do think the entire show is cheap and not nearly as good as her past two shows, but Britney is alive and actually dances a good bit now. Circus was the “old” Britney but she didn’t dance and was way stiffer. I understand people hate on POM bc it’s gone on for soooo long, but there have been plenty of moments I just could not believe how good she was and how much she has improved. Would have never dreamed she’d be so fierce again and do any halfway decent choreography. Doesn’t even compare to her past 2 shows for me.

    So FOR THE RECORD: I like Piece of Me. I’m just very tired of it.  

  7. 9 hours ago, Lilith said:

    So what if she sang for Poopie Obama and Poopy Pope? Some of the best acts in music and farrrr greater than Kelly will ever even dream to be, never did. It doesn't make her amazing or smth.

    Did you read any of the other accomplishments I wrote? To not even put her in a top 10 is crazy to me. She is easily one of the best voices and has some of the best songs. And not just anyone gets chosen to sing for a president (3 times), a pope, the super bowl, and the 100th anniversary edition of God Bless America. She’s not fake. She has real talent. Her career has lasted 15 years. Almost every one of her albums has had Grammy nominations. People thought she wouldn’t last past Idol yet she became one of the biggest stars in music. 


    She’s one of the best.

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it and I fully expect in person to be way better than anything you can see on a phone screen.



    OH MY GOD.


    If Piece of Me is so “much better in person”, just imagine seeing any of her iconic past performances in person....

    I would have literally died. If we are all so slayed from watching her “peak” performances on YouTube, I cannot even fathom how glorious seeing just one of them live would have been!!!


    If only......:kyliecry:

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  9. Kelly should at least be in the top 10, if not the top 5. If we’re just talking about the music, she’s had one of the most consistent catalogues since the early 2000’s and is one of the if not the best singer on the list. Go look at her greatest hits album. Every single song is good. And in a time when albums don’t sell as much, that album went gold and almost platinum as did her Christmas album which is a tough feat to accomplish. Her Christmas song Underneath the Tree is also heavily regarded by critics as the best holiday song since All I Want for Christmas. Her hits include Since U Been Gone, Behind these Hazel Eyes, Because of You, Miss Independent, My Life Would Suck, What Doesn’t Kill You, Don’t You Wanna Stay, and she recently had another top 10 with Piece by Piece when many of those artists haven’t had a top 10 in years and years. 12 top 10’s on the Hot 100, 3 number ones, and 3 Grammys. She was also the first and is now tied with Adele as the only ones to when the Grammy for best pop vocal album twice. And she’s also sung for few men known as Obama and the Pope.......


    So yeah....  she should be moved up! 

    She is so underrated and it just absolutely kills me!!!!!

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  10. 13 hours ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

    She’s good, but I’m tired of Reactions. It’s such a heavily played out trend that should have stayed in 2017.

    I still love them. I just think it’s neat seeing people react to her dancing in her prime, especially people who don’t really know what she was like. But yeah, a lot of reaction youtubers are getting old now. 

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    I’ve always loved this video and it’s always been overlooked and is severely under appreciated. This is easily the sassiest she’s been in a video and it has an edginess to it that I just love. She doesn’t dance as much in it, but she brings a ton of energy and personality! 

    I think to answer your question, she just slowly started to get burned out and over time lost a lot of the passion she had early in her career. When the press started just consistently tearing her down and the paparazzi began hounding her 24/7 she just slowly did not care anymore. 

    I think performing will always be a big part of her life and I honestly believe she can still dance well when she chooses to, but she just just does not choose to put in the time and effort anymore to dance with the accuracy and precision she did in her prime. I do think she has taken medication that made her more stiff, but I truly believe it’s mainky because she has lost teqnique from a lack of practice. 

    She is still FIRE and better than most pop starts today! Easily. 

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