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  1. 10 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:


    POM, a show that was created 5 years ago, shits on Enigma production wise, I'm not even kidding. Wtf happened Gaga?:mhmnod:


    10 minutes ago, WhatYouNeed said:




    We hate on Britney sooooo much but her POM stage sure looked a lot better!

    And maybe it’s just me, but that costume might just be worse than almost anything Britney has ever worn....

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  2. 1 minute ago, really really cool guy said:


    -Great setlist

    -Live vocals



    -Production looks cheap. The only good thing so far was that robot.

    -The stage looks small and the same throughout the show

    -The entrance was cringy af

    -The outfits are a mess

    -The choreos are messy too.

    I'm very dissapointed, I expected a lot more from her. And this isn't better than POM at all. I think the Axis was really beautiful, this new theater looks cheap af :juggingu:



    I think the theater looks even better, it’s just Gaga’s stage.

    It doesn’t really look great....

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  3. 2 minutes ago, MoonLight28 said:

    Gaga doing an interest concept, a real GH show... Britney probably will be the same cheap-lingerie-hooker concept she used to be in POM plus seizures and AHDH hands... and no live vocals lol... I can't at Britards trying to bash a real show and performance...

    Delusional bitches... Britney Wishes

    We are not delusional.....

    Enigma isn’t doing it for me.

    To each his own. 

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  4. I’ve been watching a livestream.

    This is weird and very one note in my opinion.

    Kinda over it. I just want a carefree, fun, and fierce show which I truly think Britney will deliver. Gaga just always seems so forced. 

    Production value and live vocals are amazing though. But Britney does what she does and I think it will be spectacular. 


    We will see.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Phonography423 said:

    If you actually think JANET JACKSON isn’t as iconic as Britney, when I’m not sure what your definition of “iconic” is. She’s 51 and she’s been working since she was 5. Britney stopped giving effort at 30. 

    Britney reaches almost everyone in a way. Janet does not, even though she has been more successful. Janet has always been more urban while Britney’s music was more for commercial overall and for the masses in my opinion. And Britney’s level of infamy, like it or not, make her stand out more. Maybe she’s ahead of Britney, I don’t know. I just personally like Britney more.

  6. 4 minutes ago, 0happydancing0 said:

    You could easily be fooled! majority on here hate on literally everything she does, says, wears etc plus then lie to make it out as if everything she's done post 2004 sucked. 


    Buttttt at the same time, I think a lot of people on here are just huge fans and have been disappointed for sooo long that they just are extra negative most of the time. I still genuinely get excited about Britney and think she’s still great and I’m proud to be a stan. 

    She is bashed on here wayyy too much though, and I serverely hope and pray she never visits this site.


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  7. 8 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:

    I didn’t read it all but I agree. The similarities are there. I do believe they have made lasting impacts career wise as well as personal issues.

    they were both on top of the world in their prime. Loved by many and talented most noted for their visuals and dance moves.

    their personal issues got in the way of their image. The media turned on them but remained humble.

    they both have this child like attitude and outlook in life. Michael loved kids and so does britney.

     the transformation in their physical appearance with the surgeries and sloppiness, strange behaviors are both topics of discussion.

    And they are both loved by their fanbases very much. Their fans will do anything to defend their fave.

    You are not seriously comparing Michael’s transformation to Britney’s? Sure Britney’s has some changes but c’mon now....

  8. 2 hours ago, babyimmafreak90 said:

    I’m in my late 20’s and I’m a fan of a lot of Madonnas work, but I agree with you. As a person, she’s quite boring (and rude). She has a huge legacy for sure but Britney is Britney bitch. A multifaceted, ultracharismatic phenomenon. No one has touched that status since Britney’s debut and the only person who looked like they were going to was Gaga but she burned too bright and fast. 

    If I were a few years older I might like Madonna more, but just not a fan. And uncharismatic? Maybe now, but she was always very charismatic to me!