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  1. Baby One More Time is her most iconic video. No contest.

    But Crazy is the best video.

    The visuals are more eye popping and the choreography is some of her best. The entire look of it is perfect. I always go back to it and think it just defines her as a superstar. Baby was way more simplistic. A PERFECT debut, but Crazy just completely sealed the deal.

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  2. It’s laughable just how much has been waved in our faces only for team B to pretty much say, “Gotcha!”

    I will always be a Britney stan. She will forever been my favorite female pop star. Her legacy is untouchable.

    However, I am at the point where until I am truly impressed again and surprised I just honestly do not really care anymore. I truly hope and choose to believe 2020 or the end of this year will bring epic Britney greatness, but until then it’s hard to be excited.

    Praying to GOD she really is working with Danja though! Just don’t want to get my hopes up.



    Has any other fan base been through as much as us? I mean, it’s crazy....


    Canceled Outrageous music video 

    Animated music video for Break the Ice 

    Canceled Gimme More storyline 

    Perfume video changed completed 

    The GMA desert “performance”

    Make Me original video canceled 


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  3. He helped create some of the best songs on Glory:


    -Do You Wanna Come Over?

    -Slumber Party

    -Just Like Me


    -Change Your Mind


    Another awesome thing is he really allowed Britney to be an artist and let her be as creative as possible! For instance, Just Like Me was entirely Britney’s idea. She genuinely seemed engaged and really into the album. She obviously really likes him, and I feel as though she can be herself and will actually enjoy promoting the music!

    I feel like this could end up being one of Britney’s best. With Justin, she’ll probably be very involved and it will be a quality body of work! It may end up being a while, but I’m extremely pumped now! It


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  4. 4 hours ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

    Love Me Down over all the outtakes, like Everyday, Strangest Love, State of Grace and others? It sounds too much like Pretty Girls during the breakdown tbh

    It’s just pure pop and so perfect to me! It’s just what is missing in pop music in my opinion. Love Me Down would’ve been a HIT. It was too hard for me to pick outtake songs and non-released bc she already had wayyy over 30 amazing songs! If I was going to pick one unreleased, it would’ve been Rockstar. Her personality and fierceness in that song just shines!

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  5. My 30 picks:

    Baby One More Time

    Crazy (Stop Remix)







    Me Against the Music

    Breathe On Me


    My Prerogative 

    Gimme More

    Piece of Me

    Break the Ice



    If U Seek Amy

    Unusual You 


    Hold It Against Me

    Till the World Ends

    I Wanna Go

    Inside Out


    Scream and Shout

    Make Me

    Love Me Down

    Change Your Mind

    Mood Ring


  6. Notttttt trying to be THAT person.....


    What if they are using this to help gain a bigger hype for when she comes back? I think it’s 100% true that something is wrong with her father and she probably really does want to focus on family, but I can’t help but wonder if they will still secretly be rehearsing and using this extra time to build up more momentum and make a stronger show.

    Also find the Nappytabs tweet a bit confusing... Why bring up what the show would’ve been? It seems like they are still trying to build hype or, if not, are aggravated.

    Suddenly EVERYTHING we wanted is revealed to have been in the works? Overprotected, My Preogative, live vocals, anddd good costumes???


    Something is sketchy.

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    I fully stand by this and will never back down from this opinion. 


    Ohhhh why team Britney........


    The entire album should have gone in this direction. The production is immaculate and next level for a Britney song. Her vocals on it are prestine and have that magic that makes her special. It gives me chills every single time I listen to it. 

    As a lead single, this could have EASILY put Britney back at the forefront. With a very modern and visually stimulating video with the right choreography, color scheme, and effects, it would have at least gone top 10, if not number one. 







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  8. Sometimes was hugeeee back when it came out and I think it’s still pretty appreciated, just not as much as her bigger hits.

    I would agree that Born to Make You Happy is underrated, but it’s also one of her least popular and least known singles so many just don’t care about the video. The choreography is great in it.

    I think Do Somethin is very underrated. I think the song is really catchy and different for her and the video has a certain aesthetic that is really cool. It’s almost less polished and and little more simple and it’s just a great pop video in my opinion. I like the color scheme of it. The video kinda stands out in a way from the rest and truly deserved more attention.

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  9. To answer original post:

    1. Not sure about The View, but the black wig was more thank likely a nod to Cher.

    2. The lies were because of her record label and pressures put on her. She was probably told many things to say for answers.

    3. I don’t think she has ever meant a to be rude. You have to see her side. She was surrounded by constant madness everywhere she went. No one can be perfect 100% of the time. No one in today’s pop game could even comprehend what her world was like. 

    4. I think the implants (IF TRUE) were probably from a mixture of both label pressure and her own desires. Her mom mom mayyy have pushed for them but I highly highly doubt that and hope that isn’t true because that would be very sad.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Anibalto said:

    Criminal? Fan Favorite? :haha:

    I’m waiting for Overprotected and HIAM, it would be epic. 

    Well some people have really wanted a performance of it. It’s one of her only singles to have never been performed. Andddd the fans DID vote it as a single like it or not. She’s just completely left it in the dust.

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    With Domination

    Literally need Britney to have one decent new choreography at least as good as Work Bitch in the show. 

    Alsoooo am going to have to hear her live a little bit throughout the show. Why can’t she say things to the audience during her performances like Gaga? She used to scream and get excited and you could hear her out of breath. 

    Andddd they are going to have to put AT LEAST one fan favorite song in the show. There are TOO many to choose from for them to just leave I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll and Do You Wanna Come Over in it. Overprotected, Outrageous, My Prerogative, Criminal orrr what about her NUMBER ONE HIT Hold It Against Me????



    I’m sorry, but my expectations are high. They probably shouldn’t be, but they are. She is still the legendary MS. BRITNEY SPEARS and I am going to need them to pull through and make these things happen!!!

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