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  1. And if so, what will it take?


    I believe the right song can do wonders for anyone’s career. She also needs to prove to the public she can still dance well. We’ve seen it in some Instagram videos, but she needs to go on live tv and make people talk. I truly believe she can have a Mariah Emancipation era, I just don’t know if she cares enough to make it happen. 

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  2. There is ZERO hype.

    Literally none.

    First of all, if they don’t release some new music soon then they are making a huge mistake. 

    Second, people are only going to buy tickets if they show is incredible and Britney is in spectacular form. She has GOT to bring it this time. Piece of Me was alright, but word of mouth travels and she is going to have to dance her ass off if this is going to be a success.

    And there better be prerecorded vocals AND live vocal moments!!!



    god I’m scared  



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  3. My Prerogative.

    Britney flies in driving a car like the video and lands at top of a long staircase. 

    She’s in a black suit with a fedora.

    She slowly walks down looking super fierce. First third is just her on stage. 

    Stage starts building with other dancers slowly. 

    By the middle it’s now a big choreographed number including a new breakdown with everyone in sync.   

    Towards the end of the number the suit is ripped off and she’s now in a nude colored sexy piece (a nod to her Oops! VMA performance) 

    Everyone on stage is now going crazy and dancing sexy and it’s a club atmosphere.

    Ends with fireworks and a big spotlight on Britney.

    ”It’s Britney Bitch” is played.

    Goes to black.

    Toxic immediately starts.




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  4. New location.

    New creative producers.

    New choreographers.


    And if the rumored set list is true...

    New opening number with Toxic.

    New finale with Baby One More Time.

    First performances of: Love Me Down, Just Luv Me, Scream and Shout (Remix), AND Passenger!

    New performances of Overprotected (Darkchild Remix), Hold It Against Me, Ooh Ooh Baby and a possibly live performance of Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know!




    They are redoing everything and we get a completely NEW show. Calm your tits and just wait and see what is delivered. I think we could all very well be shocked come opening night. Bookmark me.


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  5. Like, I honestly cannot even believe it....


    They have worked with Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, and Celine Dion!!!

    They have worked on America’s Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance!

    They choreographed J.Lo’s performance of Dinero at the AMA’s! 

    They worked with Cirque du Soleil as two of the choreographers for Michael Jackson: The Immoral World Tour!

    The choreograohed Madonna’s Super Bowl performance!

     They are EMMY AWARD WINNING!!!


    They are primarily hip-hop based, and they created and are known for “lyrical hip-hop” which “uses a combination of classical dance techniques from jazz and ballet to tell a story through movement.” Their work focuses on “big visuals.” 

    The girl of the duo, Tabitha, cites JANET as a major influence and that’s always been one Britney’s major influences!!




    Like, how can this NOT be better than Piece of Me???


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  6. Completely new residency. New venue. New choreography. New set list. New costumes/outfits. New production. NEW EVERYTHING. 

    And she’s working with legit people that worked with J.Lo!

    As a Britney fan, isn’t this incredible? Yes, we may get mixed results but I’m extremely excited!

    Think about that video Britney posted with one of her dancers of them dancing to Janet Jackson. She still has it! And she is in much better shape now than when she started Piece of Me. She is clearly in a space where if she wants to “dominate” she easily could. And she seems in a place where she will want to actually contribute more and make this a bigger and better show in all ways. 


    I understand everyone wishes she would just focus on making great pop music with great videos and could sit at the top of the charts, but that’s just not her career anymore. Not saying it can’t ever be again, but we see what Britney wants. At least she’s finally bringing something new to the table for us to spend the foreseeable future talking about! I’m pumped!!!

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

    I like it a lot though mine would have been different

    Love Me Down: Promo single

    Do You Wanna Come Over: 1st single

    Change Your Mind: 2nd single

    Mood Ring: 3rd single

    Liar: 4th single

    Man On The Moon: 5th single US/Europe; Make Me: 5th single Asia

    Just Like Me: Final single

    I just don’t like how processed her vocals sound on Love Me Down and for some reason I just think the song sounds slightly genereric or like I’ve heard it before. But for promotional singles I think it would’ve been good! Better is similar but I think it’s a lot better and I love her vocals on it. Also don’t like how she sounds on Man on the Moon but love the song itself. Liar might be the best song overall and the most classics Britney, but again, her vocals on it aren’t bad my favorite and I don’t think it fits with the other songs. I like it though. And finally, I love Change You’re Mind and that would be the fifth single if I put one!

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  8. Change You’re Mind is great....I almost put that in my top. Liar, in my opinion, doesn’t fit with the album and her vocals aren’t my favorite. Love the song though. And although I really like If I’m Dancing, I don’t see it as one of the singles. But it definitely could have been a promotional single seeing how it went viral on Twitter with the Rihanna video. There were literally SO many options that would’ve made this era great and they failed....

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  9. 11 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

    I dont see fierce.. I see desperation. To me this is just the same garbage as Christinas Not Myself Tonight video. You can be fierce without looking desperate. I like the closeups because she looks pretty but all the ads, the stupid tv in the pool, the cage, the danging in lingere ... it was all too much and just not appealing to me.

    I think it was art. The entire thing I just think it had a look and I could actually see what they were going for. It was different than anything I had really seen. I liked how it was all talking place within rooms of a normal home like that. And I didn’t mind the sexual nature of the video. I don’t know how to explain it, I just really liked it. Guess we can agree to disagree.

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  10. Promotional single: Mood Ring (including a music video)


    1st official single: Make Me...(released near BBMAs with first live performance of the single at the end of BBMAs medley; original video debuting online that night)

    2nd single: Do Wanna Come Over? (Public LOVES upbeat dance pop Britney and this sounded next level)

    3rd single: Just Luv Me (introspective, chill, relatable....would have been a refreshing choice) 

    4th single: Better (end the era with a contemporary upbeat single that was in line with what was popular at that time; an easy radio smash)




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  11. Just now, The Greatest Show said:

    all I saw was her naked by a pool in a cage and running around in lingere. the only thing we seem to be missing is the tacky tracktor scene.

    But come on....

    You can’t deny the level of fierceness. We wanted that for so long. She looked soooo good in it and it felt contemporary...the whole look of it in my opinion. She looked in control and was owning it. All the looks. The hair. The passion in her eyes. I actually liked what I saw. It would’ve been one if her best in a long time. I truly, truly believe it.

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  12. 5 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

    wanting someone who has been classy for most of her career to be classy instead of slutty and trashy is delusional?? Sure. Wanting a beautiful song to have a beautifu and interestingl music video instead of her naked by the pool and in skimpy lingere rubbing up against men is delusional?? lol ok.

    This is all classy and tastefull


    this is cheap and tacky


    But we didn’t see the finished project or anything in HD....the final product would have probably been insanely good. You can’t judge the level of tastefulness if that’s all we have. And after Femme Fatale....this is like everything she was missing then. She was completely dead and then we get this!

    It makes me so mad they teased us so hard only to completely scrap it. 

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