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  1. 5 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

    That video doesnt negate the need of a cship tho. You are not her doctor or psychiatrist stop acting like you know her personally. There is a reason she asked for her medical stuff to be in private in court. 

    I agree that britney deserves a chance to be out of the Cship but let's not act like we know what her medical situation is. Mental illnesses are complicated.

    I understand what you’re saying, but she cannot drive alone or even speak on the phone without being controlled. No, I do not know her personally, but there are people and celebs that act FAR worse than she ever has or will and they are not controlled like this. 

    I’m simply saying Britney deserves complete freedom and happiness!!!

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  2. https://youtu.be/t2Vld3M7i0Q

    The professional at the end of this Access Hollywood video said for the reason that Britney is still under a conservatorship is that “she might just be comfortable with the way things have been” and that “she trusts her father”......

    BULL CRAP. How can someone be comfortable with ZERO rights???

    They even brought up the fact that Britney is in a completely different place now compared to 07/08. 


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  3. So Wendy Williams spoke out about the #FreeBritney movement and what did she say?

    Basically, she thinks Britney shouldn’t be free bc she has a mental disorder and that everyone involved in this movement is young and doesn’t understand her problem and how mental issues work. 

    She didn’t talk about the conservatorship or any of the SEVERAL shady things that make no sense and that she has been controlled for a decade and cannot drive or make a single decision on her own even though she has been successful for years in Vegas, has released albums, and most importantly has been an INCREDIBLE mom.


    We need to be sharing a post or picture that has all of the main points and shady things all in one graphic so people that speak about this are thoroughly informed. It’s very easy to hear pieces of the story and go a certain direction with it, but when you get the whole thing, it is SO obvious that Britney is being manipulated and that is IS all about money.

    She is a slave and HAS GOT TO BE SET FREE!!!!!! 

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  4. Think about it.

    Would YOU want to perform night after night if someone controlled your every move and all your money and you were completely miserable?

    Everyone hates on Britney, but I truly believe she has not given her all since 2008 and has just lost hope over time and does not care because of the conservatorship. 

    She is also probably forced to take extra medicine she doesn’t necessarily need and feels better when she’s off of it. She dances better and is so much livelier. 

    I think she got off of much of it in 2016. You can really tell how much more confident she was and like her old self in the Billboard melody performance and in the original Make Me video. Most of 2016 was really great for her! 


    It’s BEEN time....



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  5. It’s been AGES since a Britney video had people talking and was controversial. I truly believe this could have revived her career to a new level. She needed this.

    Also, the scene of her getting out and walking up towards the door reminds me of her prime and looks SO great. She really gives off the older Britney vibe and it’s amazing!

    The video makes you want to rewatch it again and again and could have made the Glory era huge!!! 

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  6. Pretty Girls is not a mad music video by any standards. It’s actually well shot and I love the scenes of them driving. However, I think the concept is too goofy for this stage of her career and the song is horrendous. 

    Make Me is easily her worst video. Nothing about it is good. There was no effort put into it to make it decent in any way. It’s a complete and udder embarrassment. No choreography, no memorable scenes....literally zero rewatchability. She is BRITNEY FRICKEN SPEARS. There is NO reason whatsoever that video should have happened.

    The turn around with Slumber Party was pretty incredible honestly. A return to form that, while still not perfect or at the standards of her prime, was a genuine treat to watch.

  7. 15 hours ago, danny1994 said:

    Why do you think that is? And what makes you think it’ll be easier for Britney to dominate when many other pop artists are struggling? As you said, Ariana is really the only pop artist who’s having success and it’s been like that for a long time. Other than that, pop has been dead for years while Hip Hop and Rap have become more popular. The “pop world” is on life support right now.

    Just look at the past few years. Britney’s last album flopped Xtina flopped. Katy flopped. Even Taylor Swift, while her album sales were strong, her singles flopped.

    Xtina flopped bc her album was not very commercial and it didn’t have great songs made for top 40 radio. She also doesn’t sing like she used to. Katy flopped bc her album was weird and not great. Taylor Swift had a few okay singles, but nothing on her recent album was as good as her previous work.

    And we ALL know why Britney’s last album flopped. I fully believe if the original Make Me video and album photoshoot were released the era would’ve been soooo much better. I think Britney could still be a huge draw, she just hasn’t released anything spectacular since Femme Fatale.

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  8. Pop music is DEAD at the moment.

    No. pulse. detected.


    All it would take is one incredible song with amazing production. A memorable and fierce music video would seal the deal. Almost any pop artist has the ability to be on top if they line their cards up right. 

    Besides Ariana, no other pop star is doing ANYTHING remotely great, and even she is getting boring to me.


    The pop world can be completely Britney’s again IF she wants it. I hope it happens again one day, but for now, one can dream!

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  9. Baby One More Time is her most iconic video. No contest.

    But Crazy is the best video.

    The visuals are more eye popping and the choreography is some of her best. The entire look of it is perfect. I always go back to it and think it just defines her as a superstar. Baby was way more simplistic. A PERFECT debut, but Crazy just completely sealed the deal.

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  10. It’s laughable just how much has been waved in our faces only for team B to pretty much say, “Gotcha!”

    I will always be a Britney stan. She will forever been my favorite female pop star. Her legacy is untouchable.

    However, I am at the point where until I am truly impressed again and surprised I just honestly do not really care anymore. I truly hope and choose to believe 2020 or the end of this year will bring epic Britney greatness, but until then it’s hard to be excited.

    Praying to GOD she really is working with Danja though! Just don’t want to get my hopes up.



    Has any other fan base been through as much as us? I mean, it’s crazy....


    Canceled Outrageous music video 

    Animated music video for Break the Ice 

    Canceled Gimme More storyline 

    Perfume video changed completed 

    The GMA desert “performance”

    Make Me original video canceled 


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  11. He helped create some of the best songs on Glory:


    -Do You Wanna Come Over?

    -Slumber Party

    -Just Like Me


    -Change Your Mind


    Another awesome thing is he really allowed Britney to be an artist and let her be as creative as possible! For instance, Just Like Me was entirely Britney’s idea. She genuinely seemed engaged and really into the album. She obviously really likes him, and I feel as though she can be herself and will actually enjoy promoting the music!

    I feel like this could end up being one of Britney’s best. With Justin, she’ll probably be very involved and it will be a quality body of work! It may end up being a while, but I’m extremely pumped now! It


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  12. 4 hours ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

    Love Me Down over all the outtakes, like Everyday, Strangest Love, State of Grace and others? It sounds too much like Pretty Girls during the breakdown tbh

    It’s just pure pop and so perfect to me! It’s just what is missing in pop music in my opinion. Love Me Down would’ve been a HIT. It was too hard for me to pick outtake songs and non-released bc she already had wayyy over 30 amazing songs! If I was going to pick one unreleased, it would’ve been Rockstar. Her personality and fierceness in that song just shines!

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