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  1. just kidding love. but I would probably do what I do now and ignore POM and look forward to the other rare career oppurtunies and ventures she sometimes takes, like new music, photo shoots, commercials, etc.
  2. keep saying it out loud. keep saying it, and maybe you will convince hope because you won’t be convincing anyone else.
  3. Katherine can’t relate to this kind of impact and therefore grows pettier by the day.
  4. a light dewy base, defined eyebrows, well blended eye shadow and you have a look ladies and gentleman. she looks beautiful :,)
  5. I love her with a deep side part, I just don't like the blue tones in the photo, although it's a beautiful picture. I am just so blessed and happy that this era is going so successfully and she's working so hard. She looks stunning.
  6. I've been streaming the album when I sleep and playing the YouTube playlist at all times on my IPad muted
  7. MM: Lesbian Audition Version. Brit did tell James she was over men.
  8. At least Derrick is an impersonator. This one.. Completely agree they just dgaf
  9. This is the second time I've made a thread about a drag queens image being used in a Britney article and I'm truthfully fed up. https://imgur.com/a/VPd5m
  10. OMG America is so messy. Donald Trump is a serious nominee AND blackout isn't charting here after almost 10 years?
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