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  1. ovoxo

    exhale This comment on YouTube

    "Move on" lol jeez exhale has become so dull and bitter these days. No wonder why I stopped posting
  2. ovoxo

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    Another one
  3. ovoxo

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    Girl are you dumb. What other celebrity was harassed the way she was?
  4. ovoxo

    exhale This comment on YouTube

    It wasn't a Kim kardashian production TV show. It was a stupid cute little filming she did when she was young and in love. Yeah she was immature at the time. She filmed it, she decided what she wanted broadcasted. What she DIDNT decide was that every moment outside the show was also broadcasted.
  5. ovoxo

    exhale This comment on YouTube

    Honestly most of you are so uptight and negative. I'm not painting her as a victim, I'm just sharing an interesting comment. But nvm, let's go back to making fun of her ticks which she probably can't help
  6. ovoxo

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    And it was the people closest to her
  7. ovoxo

    exhale This comment on YouTube

    Imagine having to stay inside your house. Your family is, to an extent, using you for your money. (Let's be real her family would not have a lot if it wasn't for her). You can't make any new friends because everybody already knows you as Britney the pop star. That's only a fraction of the price of fame she payed. Ugh makes me so sad
  8. ovoxo

    exhale This comment on YouTube

    It wasn't the 4 years of bad decisions. Yeah she was a young girl, she obviously made choices that weren't the best. Everybody goes through that. But not everybody is harassed by cameras, having every second of their life documented and posted online for the world to see. Everything g she's been through has clearly taken a toll on her long term. It's a sort of PTSD. Us as fans may deserve more such as flawless performances, appearances, music videos, etc. but times have changed. Tbh we should be grateful she didn't have the same fate Michael Jackson did.
  9. ovoxo

    exhale This comment on YouTube

    It's terrible. The world treated her like a reality show. If you watch videos during 2007 there's paps laughing at her cause of the way she looked. She literally begged them to leave her alone and they just took more pictures. Many celebrities that have a downfall like that, don't make it out alive. But if you think about it, her spirit was killed. She was never the same. It's really the most tragic story I've heard of a pop star. In the end, I'm glad she found happiness in a bad situation.
  10. I found this comment on her last BBMA performance. It's really long but interesting and true (apart from the meth part, I never heard that?) "Lane3512 please. She has one of the saddest stories in pop culture. Do you know anything about her 2007 breakdown? Her life was a living hell at that time. Yes she has money and was the most famous person on earth for an entire decade but that doesn't take away from what she went through. 2004-2007, she had a horrible knee injury that ruined her dance career, her parents were getting a divorce, her aunt died of cancer, her and Justin broke up, no other celeb has ever had the same amount of paparazzi as Britney did and they did not ever leave her alone. She was the most photographed woman in the world. She always got asked about paparazzi and every damn time, she cried. She had NO privacy. Not even in her own house. She was going crazy, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, K-Fed married her, had children with her, and cheated on her and admitted to using her for fame and money, she was battling with SEVERE depression and anxiety. Being the most famous person in the world, there was absolutely nothing but rumours and a bunch of bullshit in the tabloids and magazines and everything. After being treated so badly by K-Fed, he stole her babies away from her. Her life was falling apart and the world just kept tearing her down just so we could watch the show and make money and sell her privacy and all of her to the world. No one has ever reached that level of fame when it comes to publicity. All she ever did was be kind and the world destroyed her. To cope with it, she got addicted to meth, and overdosed but thankfully made it out alive. Guess what happened when she overdosed? She was being carried into an ambulance on the edge of death and there was nothing but people asking for autographs and flashing lights for photos to sell to magazines. She also tried to kill herself multiple times. She just stepped into motherhood and guess what? K-Fed filed to have her lose custody of her children and the police and social services showed up at her house and tried to take her babies. She was screaming and crying and locked herself in the bathroom because her newborn babies were the ONLY thing that kept her going at that time. She didn't want to lose them. Then she got them back and the world blew up calling her a bad mother just because she almost dropped her child when she was walking and tripped. A quarter of the world saw that Britney was falling apart but NOBODY helped her. The other 3 quarters of the world saw it as a way to make money and saw it as something hilarious to bully her for. It's terrifying and utterly horrible what she went through and I assure you, you probably wouldn't have made it out alive if you went through what she did. We almost lost Britney forever. Those days messed her up so bad she's not even the same person anymore. Thank god she's still alive. But you know what? That wasn't even half of the things that happened during those years. You should listen to the song "Britney" by Bebo Norman because it basically explains how badly the world hurt her." we kinda do give her a hard time if you reflect on what she's been through. We say there's a lot of mystery behind her anxiety and her team and all but the answer is pretty much right there.
  11. Let me also be fair. This performance is close to perfect but it's not cause the studio vocals aren't convincing at all some things never change
  12. I literally have no clue. Maybe it's for a domination Super Bowl commercial
  13. No, I obviously meant every single person that uses this forum
  14. What song do you think would suit it better?