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  1. For an album that took 4 years to make, I expected way more It’s a solid album and I like some tracks like Fun Tonight but it was very underwhelming and not as inspired as other albums. Like at least Joanne was super personal.
  2. Never was crazy about him. But all the hair is doing something for me
  3. Someone should get #boycotbritneysteam trending or something similar so the GP is in on it too. We can have these leeches shook if they know of the possibility they won’t be making money off of her.
  4. Y’all look up the google reviews It’s not letting me upload screenshots “Couldn’t get out of there fast enough my last day was April 4th. I will say this A lot of collusion going on, They do not want you talking to the press about clients or investing in many bussines a lot of spending your own money into the other business you own to say it nicely cash out your 401k and leave as soon as possible! They force the Calvary Brentwood church on you that they also own and invest into. Look elsewhere” “Not an LGBTQ+ friendly employer. On the surface yes, but you find out fast they do not believe in gay marriage and it gets uncomfortable when you have to constantly reject church invites.” “Worked there for 5 months and had to quit due to immense verbal & emotional abuse I experienced by a crazy & deranged CEO. What they're doing to their clients is also disgusting - the company is essentially a fraud since they use profits from their clients to fund anti-gay churches. I could not willingly support this scheme. I believe the lady in charge, Lou M Taylor, is not... well (mentally) and should seek immediate help.”
  5. When I saw the title of this thread When I heard the questions
  6. Yeah I feel that any chance she gets, she will endorse him. I’ve tolerated her up until recent but that totally turned me off. Shame because some of her verses are the funniest verses to sing along to
  7. There should be a thread of pop girls Mortal combat weapons
  8. Ok but can we discuss how iconic a mortal kombat style game would be but with the pop girls.
  9. This is actually an intelligent point of view, but the fact she goes HARD for Six-nine and represents him like no other is a huge red flag.
  10. I don’t agree with the herd mentality of cancel culture, but I am SO over her. Over the years I feel that her true personality has shown and it seems so nasty. I just can’t view recent her or her recent music the same anymore. She turns me off so much Sad because she really is talented and her past verses are SO iconic. Today all of her stuff just radiates a cocky attitude and not in a cute way. Don’t even get me started with sixnone.
  11. She radiates such “sexy bish mommy” energy in 2013, it’s so cute. Especially in the first pic. She looks amazing
  12. I promise nobody intelligent or relevant comments on that site anymore. It got left behind in like 2014
  13. What are y’all complaining about?! She served production, visuals, choreography, looks. Amazing performance
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