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  1. Yes!!! Exactly! And like Make Me being released as the lead single to redefine her musical style as that more urban, vibey sound, I think the performance of the song was also meant to show people that this time she is doing things differently. This is a new era with a different attitude, it's about the feeling **** and having fun and that's exactly what I got out of this performance. I will say, I also thought MTV's editing was to blame. It seemed like every time she started a dance combo, the camera cut out for a wide shot which was RIDICULOUS AND UNECESSARY for what was supposed to be an intimate and scaled down performance. Why the **** do we need to see how wide the stage is when Britney's performance is focused on one platform, pretty much center stage the entire time??? I think the fan-shot videos are a good indication that had the camera focused exclusively on her and her dancers (and the crowd's energy) we could have really gotten more out of it all.
  2. Amen!!! So sick of these baby fans who are acting like Brit dancing with a light up jump rope on Jimmy Kimmel was somehow better than what she did last night. What she did last night took courage and balls, the VMA performance of 07 legit nearly killed her career. If Blackout hadn't been the masterpiece it turned out to be, the 07 VMAs would have been Britney's funeral. It's truly an accomplishment for her to come back with full confidence and to put on such a minimal but still **** and great performance when she knew to expect the absolute worse from al the critics and the delusional fans that somehow think Ariana Grande struggling to find a note while riding an exercise bike is somehow better than what Brit pulled off. It wasn't a performance, it was a statement. Britney Spears is back and she does not give a **** about the critics. To quote one of Paula Abdul's horribly flopped Idol singles (RIP) Britney is "JUST HERE FOR THE MUSIC!"
  3. Idk sis, I was wondering the same. My friend says it's usually midway. I don't have time for this man. GIVE US BRITNEY!!
  4. IDK y'all they said they "can't spill the beans" implying that there are indeed beans to spill. I don't think they would respond to fans at all if there wasn't anything to get excited over. Maybe they're negotiating... exclusive revised cover art the Pretty Girls bonus track and Radar (Dreaming Mix).
  5. DYING I downloaded one and it was... These trolls are playing with our emotions!!! but all it was kind funny, I'm here for it tbh
  6. UPDATE - Just got a notification from Best Buy that the box is about to ship. Is this real?!?! Stay tuned for my ridiculous excitement or my utter disappointment when I unpack a copy of the single disc.
  7. People need to chill. Circus leaked before release too and that album still went to #1 and sold over 500,000 copies in it's first week of release. If the music is good and people like it, THEY WILL BUY IT! The GP doesn't listen to Britney leaks Only the fans flock to that **** and if it leaks and is good, we will be giving the album free publicity ahead of time.
  8. This has happened before y'all. When Broadney Joans came out, I found a copy 5 days early at my local Walmart. The store had actually stocked that **** FIVE days early. Everybody out there go out to your Targets and Walmart and FIND this thing!!!
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