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  1. How bad can it be? Pretty sure she only says about 3 things.
  2. the site/ app itself usually has voluming setting too, mutting it would show you are not listening.
  3. why would u even post this it's stupid
  4. I was messing around jeez i have no clue about these things, not gonna pretend i do, but everything they have done has been positive it's never like she shines her in a bad light or anything. I still love that video for the tour, was free britney before it was a hashtag. It's cross promo for both. It gets both in the news.
  5. she's an old lady she prob can't even use a computer she's older than my mom, mail her a letter.
  6. point of this thread is about Mood Ring. not songs released 10 years ago. it's not dismissing of other singles to say one is doing better.
  7. But that is the reference the song has always been making? you didn't know that??
  8. well of course he prob just googled it. ? why would that make it untrue? lol
  9. i am gonna say it one last time, the post is not even on the subject you are speaking on. you look foolish.
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