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  1. Hi Exhale! 🤪🤪🤪 It’s me, Loucifer 😇😇😇✨✨✨ Don't forget to stream Mood Ring so I can buy another house to quarantine in 🌸🌸🌸💐💐💐🏡 May God protect you and your loved ones! ❤️❤️❤️✨ John 3.16 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  2. She definitely screams at innocent workers when she’s told to put on a mask
  3. Maybe for those of us that still have CDs () or MP3 files from iTunes () we can just play those... even though it’d defeat the purpose of a streaming party. But at least playing it those ways prevents streaming money going to Loucifer or Jamie
  4. Welcome to Exhale and thank you for sharing pure facts in your first post! Make Me slays and that’s that.
  5. @Dripping For Britney come back! So many icons who were active when I joined don’t log into Exhale anymore
  6. We are queenflopga stans in this house!
  7. If we had a solid or even adequate federal response—one that funded mass testing, contact tracing, mandated masks, and provided Americans adequate financial and social relief so that they could properly shelter in place—then we wouldn’t need to be in a government lockdown for as long as we have... and we could have resumed economic activity with at least some protocols about how to handle outbreaks as they happened. But instead, federal leadership has not only killed people, but has also wasted all the precious time we have given them by staying at home as best as possible. Our economy will continue to suffer as states/counties require economies to close again, because the states never had the level of support needed to handle this pandemic. People will lose their jobs, houses, and livelihoods because we have chipped away at our social safety net for decades. Kanye has no political program; what does he stand for? How would he govern? He’s a waste of space in the political arena. Trump is all of that, and worse. Even though I’m not a fan of Joe Biden (I wanted Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic nominee) I will vote for him to get Trump out of office. In my opinion, American democracy cannot survive if Trump wins another term in office. Agreed that the state of politics is horrendous in the country...
  8. They’re part of the same club tbh Trump also only cares about his ego more than the people he represents! That’s why he doesn’t care that 130,000+ Americans have died from COVID-19 but cares more about the status of the stock market and the economy!
  9. This country is such a joke The fact people like Kanye, who has no political aspiration other than boosting his ego, can even run shows how dead American democracy is. Hopefully this is a joke. If it is true, then I’m going to leave this hell hole (if I’ll be able to leave, since COVID-19 rages on and everyone is rightfully banning American travel to their countries)
  10. I would love to know this as well! I hope sis got her Emmy award! The actors name is Claudia Raia, and she has appeared on several TV series in Brazil! Queen of acting!
  11. @Invitation @BrittonJeanSpears It’s from some Brazilian soap/drama... I have the video link somewhere in my YouTube history lmao lemme locate it EDIT: video here; I can’t time stamp it at the part it plays, but it’s 1:35: https://dai.ly/x2i6on2 If someone can give a rough translation/general idea of what’s happening I’d appreciate it lol I've always been curious but it seems very intense and drama filled!
  12. I have been wondering the origins of this emote forever!
  13. I love Kacey so much but this makes me kind of sad Like obviously I’m happy they’re separating on good terms but I just want her to be OK. Golden Hour has been one of the most transformational albums I’ve listened to and the fact the album was written after Kacey met Rustin makes it bittersweet. Siri play Happy & Sad Kacey was my first concert to, in Los Angeles.
  14. Tell me, is it true that these men are from Mars? Is that why they be acting bizarre? Every time I walk out of my house it's like, "Hey, baby!" They don't see me rolling my eyes They buzzing around me like flies They got one thing on their minds Some things don't change..
  15. Screaming at how fast this gif is It makes Kim seem that much more aggressive!
  16. We didn’t ask for song titles, we demand demo/final tracks! Get on it Danja
  17. So where are we at now ladies? Are we still under lock down, have we flattened the curve? Is your country handling the pandemic effectively? How are we doing in like month 3-4 of quarantine? I live in Los Angeles County and cases have been rising increasingly the past week or so. Bars and nightlife spaces were ordered closed today. Our country has no solid testing/contact tracing regime in place, the right-wing believes the pandemic is over, and many people (leaders too) think wearing a mask will kill you... I’m literally going to be driven (Crazy)
  18. I just don’t get their outrage when Britney has time and again shared her love and support for Beyoncé... Like there are other pop girls let alone other issues in the world that they could direct their outrage toward...
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