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  1. Apparently Netflix has cancelled Sense8 after two seasons. :byebitch:

    The show has an intriguing concept and an incredibly diverse cast of actors. The show had two complex openly LGBTQ characters and the series was created by the Wachowski siblings, both whom are transgender.

    Pissed off that shows like this are cancelled or sidelined but other shows are allowed to persist. :byebitch: I'm a bitter bitch rn. :byebitch:

    Me to Netflix:


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    2. Streets



      Apparently Sense8 is incredibly expensive to make (nearly $9 million an episode).. 

      There's been such an outcry over the show being cancelled I have a (probably delusional) feeling that they will eventually decide to renew the show on certain terms. They should just keep the show in limited locations moving forward to save money (especially how it ended in season 2 with everyone in London) to keep the show afloat and at least give us one more season to wrap up the story lines. Especially considering they decided to cancel it on June 1st Pride month.. Really in bad taste.

      I've been sorta badgering Netflix to hopefully help them understand the show has a pretty devoted fanbase (I'm sure other people have been too)... Delusional? Maybe so.. Hey, I am a Britney fan after all :staysalty:

    3. SlayOut


      @Streets I heard that it was expensive as well! :yeahsure: And from a business perspective, I can understand if the show is too expensive and not making the returns they'd expect. But at the same time, it seems like Sense8 has had a really devoted fanbase, and is incredibly popular especially among youth (I learned about it from LGBTQ youth I mentor). And maybe Netflix didn't realize how devoted the fanbase was, since the production gap between season 1 and 2 were so large. :tbh:There's apparently a petition that has garnered 350000+ signatures requesting Netflix bring the show back :bop: (an original Make Me video teas :queenflopga:) and apparently Netflix has been flooded with customer service calls requesting the show be reinstated. Employees that have worked there for like 8 years have never seen the backlash after cutting a show like they've seen with Sense8.

      Hopefully Netflix execs wake up and don't pull a Larry by saying "it just didn't work" and bring back such an enticing show!  

    4. SlayOut


      @BrittonJeanSpears, it took me a hot minute to really get into the show, but once I was hooked, I fell for the show deeply. For some LGBTQ folks, they really like how representative the show is, which is something still considerably rare in television and movies. I think the show was also intriguing since it really emphasizes human emotional connection; as if, humans in real life are actually capable of deep emotional connection to the degree that they can feel the emotions and experiences of someone else, but we've been disconnected from that principle by so many extraneous distractions...

      Anywhooooo :gimmemoar: Yes, the show will still be on Netflix, so I will revel in the amazingness that was the show. I recommend you try to get into it even if it's not being renewed! :tiffanynod: 

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