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  1. What is Britney even doing rn? :byebitch: I know she's on a break from an exhausting stint of POM :tiffeyeroll: but like... She's doing POM International soon and aside from the dates and locations, we have no word or promo for these shows. :begone:

    Homegurl better be cooking up something exciting. :tiffdrink:

    1. ChrisTheLoner


      Hopefully she's gearing up to release Glory's smash third single "Love Me Down" :queenflopga:

      It'll be #1 for 100 weeks and be the song of the summer just you wait :walkonby:

    2. Electro World

      Electro World

      She's "rehearsing" :ririshade2:

    3. ohoney


      @Electro World YAAAAAAS, more soccer mom moves and a revamped 'airing the fart' move! :yesplease: