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  1. Sistren, have any of you watched Netflix's 13 Reasons Why:scalped: If so, what are your initial reactions? :queenriri:

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    2. Draw The Blinds

      Draw The Blinds

      I saw the previews, looks wack IMO. Too dramatic and over the top. I laughed at the previews :jfallonlol:

    3. mylonliNESS


      I loved it... I binged watched it... (I read the book years ago)

      I have no words... I dunno the amount of times I cried watching this series (esp at the last two episodes)... the amount of times I replayed the line "I cost a girl her life because I was afraid to love her" :crying1: BEAUTIFUL SERIES and the Book was great too... but the series had so much more emotion...

      ITS BEAUTIFUL series... and one thing stuck with me... how can people be so cruel... :crying1:

    4. mylonliNESS


      @Slayde Its WORTH watching... SUCH a good series...