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    1. JustLuvMe


      Lmao rest easy :sendinglove:

    2. SlayOut


      I feel like a scammer AND a hopeless romantic at the same time :yasqueen:


    3. JustLuvMe


      Why are you describing me though :yasqueen:

  1. I had to reload all my Britney music onto my phone and omg I didn’t realize how long it would take to put her whole discography onto my phone! :gloria: Impact!!!

  2. We been knew! :queenflopga:

    EDIT: I meant to reply to your status update about The Dutchess slaying Double Dutchess to pieces! :orangu: awkward 

  3. I was at a huge block party in Downtown Los Angeles last night and in one of the music areas, they played Work Bitch and Scream & Shout! :queenflopga:

    1. LostInAnImage


      I always get super excited whenever I hear Britney in public, it's stupid. :imok: The last time it happened was this Halloween, when I was standing in line for a haunted house of all places; they played “Scream & Shout” right before we went in. The fact that there was will.i.am should’ve keyed me in on the fact that it was going to be a horrible experience, but I was pulled into a false calm by the “Britney Bitch" lines. :triggered:

  4. So I freaked out because today i realized my credit card was missing. I turned my room inside out (Britney teas :queenflopga:) looking for the damn thing because i had a gut feeling that it had to be in there somewhere.

    I finally called the customer service line and discovered that it wasn’t in my room, and in fact at a hotel valet i had utilized this past weekend for an event... Some angel of a human reported it lost, so my account was frozen and none of my (non-existent :meltdown:) coins were disturbed!

    Moral of the story: there are good people out there despite the world being such a messy place. And... don’t leave your credit card outside your wallet!

  5. Do any of y’all watch the Great British Bake Off? :wigsnatched: It’s such an amazingly friendly show in comparison to U.S-based cooking shows... :flawlessbye: And the items baked look scrummy (as the iconic Mary Berry says) :anxiety:

    1. I'mSoCurious


      No, but I my friend's mother is obsessed with it and even sent us out to buy yeast and eggs :imok:

    2. SlayOut


      :orangu: slay your willingness to purchase yeast and eggs! :orangu: the desserts they make on the show are fabulous looking and seem tasty but idk if I’d be confident enough to attempt them in my own kitchen! :meltdown:

    3. I'mSoCurious


      Yeah, I'm kinda interested in how the bread she planned on making turned out :gross: it didn't sound like her mother knew what she was doing.

  6. I had a wonderful dream last night; my friends and I were apparently in Vegas and stumbled upon the Axis Theatre. :BBMAney: Britney was performing that night but we didn’t have tickets. :otears: That didn’t halt our ambition: somehow, we bypassed security, walked through the doors, and stood at the very back of the theatre to witness the show. :queenflopga:

    The theatre was more like a stadium in my dream, so there were tens of thousands of people. :gaspney: Britney was slaying and everyone’s wigs were snatched per usual. :queenriri: At intermission, my friends and I decided to be ballsy and somehow stole a few seats in the VIP section. While i felt bad about my actions, I justified them as this was my first time seeing Britney live. :embarrassed:

    I was about to snap some pictures as the stage crew and dancers were readying for the Slave 4 U performance. All of a sudden, the theatre transformed itself into a sunny, outdoor park. Rather than a tiny pit section in front of the stage, there was a huge expanse of grass, trees, a small lake, and other things directly in front of the stage. :waitwhat: My friends and I ditched our VIP seats and ran through the park to get as close to the stage as possible. By the time we made it close to the stage and found some lawn chairs, Britney was just starting to perform Slave 4 U. Right as she was going to slay the dance break, some pine trees decided to sprout up and block our view of the stage.

    Then I woke up. :jlostare:

    The end.

    Thanks for possibly reading this far into my wacky dream. Has anyone had a strange Britney related dream before? :jfallonlol:

    1. falka


      That's amazing dream tbh Mother Nature taking revenge on Brit and her fans for keeping toxic tree as a captive in Vegas for so many years. :quirkney:

    2. SlayOut


      LMAO!! :shadelaugh: That makes so much sense tbh!! :hahaha:

    3. falka


      I just wonder how Your dream has forecasted Smukfest Smukfest.jpg?resize=959,375Festival in Denmark month before its announcement. :outwithit:


  7. Where have you been, good sis? Miss you and hope all is well! :otears:

    1. Electro World

      Electro World

      Hey sis! Sorry I haven't been on as of late, school has just gotten in the way, I guess. Thank you for worrying about me, I'll try to get back on to posting again! :kiss:

  8. Does anyone know what app is used to make these videos? :meltdown: I scream everytime I see one! :meltdown:


    1. LostInAnImage


      I am completely impaired when it comes to technology. I can barely check my email. Sorry! :Lshark:

    2. SlayOut


      hehehe no worries! :urite: I just like how the voices are morphed! :rihclap:

    3. fucknfurter


      Isn't it a Snapchat app?

  9. Have any iOS users had issues with Exhale with the new update? :calculating:

  10. Hi queen, just stopping by to thank you yet again for giving us the Slaymber Party video! :cinderellaney:

  11. So on the new-ish Snapchat map location page, they had a featured story in Vegas titled "Britney: Piece of Me." Not one Snapchat was from Britney's show but from everyone else's. :jlostare:

    Mess. :whitney:

    1. ChrisTheLoner


      Everyone must be tired of POM at this point :gross:

      Just another reason that it's good that it's almost over :pumped:

    2. Vessel.
  12. This made me scream when I saw it! :tiffcackle:


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    2. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      I see nothing. Is there supposed to be a gif or something? :gloria:

    3. SlayOut


      @If U Seek Me, I don't know if your throwing ultimate shade or you're experiencing legit Exhale defects! :meltdown:

      Here is the pic I originally posted:



    4. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      This pic! :dead:

      (I wish I was throwing the ultimate shade, but no, I just couldn't see it). :queenie:

  13. Where is your write up of Logic/Alessia Cara/Khalid's performance? :tiffhair:

  14. So who is viewing the solar eclipse on Monday? Does anyone have major plans to experience it? :queenriri: I tried getting my hands on some of those solar viewing glasses but was too late (everywhere was sold out)! :staysalty: I'm making my own viewing box though, and I'm trying to make one that I can put my camera in to get some cool video/photo footage! :flawlessbye:

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    2. SlayOut


      That's what I heard too! :mattafact: Except you're only allowed to "borrow" a pair if your library has planned a specific event, and I don't want to fight a child for a pair! :jlostare: Most of the patrons at the library around my house are kids lol which isn't bad obviously, I was just hoping to experience this solar eclipse in peace. :lemmetellu:

    3. Vessel.


      Is there going to be an Eclipse? :calculating:

      I hope it can be seen from my flop country :bey:



    4. SlayOut


      See if the solar eclipse will pass through your country Monday! :queenflopga: 



    1. Margaery


      this season is so intense :scalped:

  16. Do you have your front row tickets for the Joanne World Tour?!


    1. BreatheOnMoi


      In the pit section ready to observe that nose up close and personal. 



    2. SlayOut


      Excited to hear about your observations!


      Also love your gif sis!


  17. So on the same day President Cheeto announces plans to ban transgender folks from serving in the U.S. military, his Department of Justice also files an amicus brief stating that LGBTQ employees aren't protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. :byebitch: For all the pro-Trump gays on this forum, do you still think this president serves to protect you or your interests? :weusay:


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    2. fucknfurter


      He doesn't even really have their backs (especially the mail order brides), he's unraveling at the seams everywhere. I even feel like this is some way to try and appease him screwing the white straight male demographic over with his healthcare crap, and if they actually let it work then ffs. He's only out for himself, and he's a fucking moron. Someone get him out of here, please.

      And yes, vote. Absolutely.

    3. LostInAnImage


      Yeah, that was my first thought: distraction. I mean, he tweeted this bombshell ban, which had never once been so much as a campaign issue, first thing in the morning without even consulting the pentagon (and then of course lied about that, as well).

      So he's either trying to distract the teabaggers comprising his voting base away from the ever mounting evidence in the Russia investigation and/or the fact that he has failed to deliver on every campaign promise by suddenly offering something right up a bigot's alley, since that whole Target changing room/school bathroom debacle illustrated just how much hatred exists for the very tiny minority of Americans who are transgender and have no real representation.

      Or alternately, (yet somewhat similarly), since Pence naturally has a ton of dirt on Trump and the WH staff keeps dwindling, he is now is being looked into as well, and Trump did this as a "present" for the ultimate homophobe, Mr. vice "pray the gay away" president, and hopes this bribe will satiate him sufficiently to keep his intolerant mouth shut. 

    4. fucknfurter


      Someone on my timeline said they seriously think he just tweets whatever pops into his head at random; I'm inclined to agree. It's embarrassing, honestly. :embarrassney:

      But I do think that yes, some consideration was put into this one as a means of distraction and/or pacifying. (Or both; two birds, one stone.) I don't know why I hadn't given thought to the second theory, given that that would make sense, too. I want to say enough thought had been given that maybe it could be a combination of all three, but the man's just.... I mean.

      Regardless, this administration is just horrifying.

  18. I wonder if Britney lost her phone in Tel Aviv. :idkney: She hasn't made a social media post since July 4, her Tel Aviv performance was July 3. :calculating: Is she waiting for Apple to release iPhone 8 so she'll have an up to date phone? :outwithit:

    Discuss. :lemmetellu:

    1. SexyJeans


      Omg yes what if she's waiting :tiffcackle:


  19. So I have this new internship out in West Hollywood/Los Angeles area and while I love what I'm doing, I encounter an ungodly amount of traffic on the drive there and back. It takes almost an hour and a half to travel 20-ish miles.


    1. Margaery


      West Hollywood tho :omgreallyney: I'd kill to live there :sassybrit:

    2. DMVofficial


      Haaate LA traffic. It's always nuts in the morning and even worse 3pm-7pm :beyfedup:

      Having good music playing definitely makes the drive better

  20. What's up, iconic sis?


  21. Slay my impact on ---> :tiffcackle:

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    2. Lilith


      what impact u dumbass? there were already tiffany emotes and it had nothing to do with u. Like the staff would choose any of your sh!t ass emotes sweetie. You wish LMAOO. Poor dat  :tiffcackle::tiffcackle::tiffcackle::tiffcackle:

    3. Electro World

      Electro World

      Always love when new emotes are added to Exhale!! :flawlessbye::uriteurite:

    4. SlayOut


      @CashmereCat Well thanks for recognizing ha legendary status! :uriteurite:

      @Electro World Same ngl! :lemmetellu:

  22. omg y'all my wig is about to orbit the earth! :meltdown: I am not worthy! :meltdown:


    1. SlayOut


      I ordered the Japanese Bonus Track version from Amazon and it came today! :meltdown: Outta This World is flawless! :meltdown: So is the Paul Oaklandfield Gimme More Remix! :meltdown: I'm still in shock that I now possess a physical copy of the Bible of Pop! :meltdown:

    2. hushpuppies



      I can't at my country. The store I went when I was like 11 that it only had the standard edition

  23. So everyone around me had been sick for weeks and I was able to avoid it like a boss! :staysalty: I used gloves and antibacterial wipes on everything and steered clear of their sickasses for a while. :thetea: Now everyone is better and of course I've caught the nasty cold. :byebitch:

    1. Electro World

      Electro World

      Feel better! Drink tea and get plenty of rest. Eat spicy foods and take steamy showers so that the mucus can loosen up and you'll be able to breathe. This is better than just blowing your nose hundreds of times because than your nose gets enflamed and you REALLY won't be able to breathe, believe me! You'll be like that gif of the girl freaking out like "I can noot, I can noooot" :orangu:

      As always, listening to Godney's hymns is the best medicine known to man! :queenflopga: But you already knew that :brit:

    2. SlayOut


      omg you are the sovereign of healing tips and tricks! :tiffanynod: WebMD could nevah! :queenflopga:

      I had some spicy af soup tonight, will be drinking some rejuvenating lemon/honey tea soon, and definitely will  shower!

      I'm prone to bad allergies so I'm always battling a stubborn nose tbh. :byebitch: I hate when I blow my nose so much that it closes off and I have to breathe through my mouth! :meltdown: I literally feel like this fish:


    3. Slayde


      omg sis this happened to me everyones been sick at werk but i somehow avoided it and by some miracle haven't got sick :lostney: my tips: drink LOTS AND LOTS of V8 low sodium vegetable juice and a whole Papaya fruit, i know it sounds weird but it 100% works trust me! you might even wake up better! get well soon sister :D

  24. Exhale's newest hit gif! :queenflopga: Brought by yours truly! :gimmemoar:





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    2. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      I don't get what happening in it. 4smd0w.gif

      what's happening*

    3. SlayOut


      It's from this iconic scene in Flavor of Love, season 1!


      The woman in the white robe is Hottie Schatar aka queenflopga :queenflopga: And New York, well you know who she is... :tiffanynod:

    4. SlayOut


      This moment has become a popular meme :shadelaugh::