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  1. Today was my Senior class trip on a lunch cruise, going around NYC on the Hudson River. One of the things on the ship was a dance floor with a DJ. However, I'm not the best dancer, especially when it's in front of my friends, classmates, and teachers I know. So when my friends surprisingly went to the dancefloor, all I could do was channel my inner Femme Fataleney. Deadass was doing this move:


    1. I'mSoCurious
    2. SlayOut


      It’s a great go to move lmao! :madance:

  2. Today I learned: That this Exhale emote comes from the anime "ReLife". :nocomprende: I've been watching it lately, it's really good and juicy! It was so exciting finding out the origins from the emote without even expecting it!

    1. falka


       Good to know. I thought it's from Gorillaz :giggleney:

    2. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      Bless ha soul who gave us this emote :slayney:

  3. Anybody have any driving tips? Tomorrow I'll be driving by myself for the first time and I'm nervous :nervousney::(

    1. whoisit


      Don't panic and just breathe. 

    2. SexyJeans
    3. SexyJeans


      Just relax and you'll be fine :Lshark:

  4. Just realized my first Exhale anniversary was a few days ago! It's been a really fun year, and I look forward to creating even more memories with the awesome people on here! :kisses2all:

    1. SlayOut


      omg my Exhale-iversary was 4 days after yours! :meltdown: What an iconic year, indeed! :flawlessbye:

  5. Happy 11th birthday to the song that gave me my Exhale profile pic :bopney:



    1. Electro World

      Electro World

      omfg i meant USER NAMEEEE :embarrassney:

      I wrote this when I first woke up :tehe:

  6. So I unintentionally made my friend mad at me and now I feel like complete sh!t in doing so. Nothing has been going right this week, and it's only tuesday :(:crying11:

    1. reecejwilson


      Apologizing although it isn't your fault always works :otears:

    2. BraveGraphics


      Call him/her and say you're sorry, friends should stick together.

      We all make mistakes sometimes so it is alright, never too late to make it up though

    3. fucknfurter


      I agree with the above. But I hope it all works out for you, sis. :hugs:

  7. I can't believe I put off Don't Hang Up for so long. It has a great early 2000's sound! I feel like I'm floating in a sky of bubbles when I'm listening to it:giggleney:

    1. Dripping For Britney

      Dripping For Britney

      ONE OF MY FAVES. The last few seconds of the song, after the chorus make me feel like I've been murdered by my boyfriends wife but I'm finally at peace

  8. Just had an over-the-phone job interview! I think my socially-awkward ass did okay considering I wasn't expecting it at all. I did stutter and stumble my words a few times, especially to questions I wasn't expecting :embarrassney:. My real interview is next saturday. I'm praying to Godney that everything goes well! :lustney:

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    2. SlayOut


      omg slay! :scalped: Phone interviews could be awkward so I understand you! :bey: I'm praying that everything goes well, sis! :BBMAney:

    3. IUSAtonight


      Job interviews can be really awkward, especially over the phone.

      Hope you get the job

    4. I'mSoCurious


      Good luck! I hope it's good :giggleney:

  9. If any of y'all are into anime, I'd really reccomend Toradora! Lots of juicy drama. I just finished the 13th episode and it was quite an emotional one :crying1:

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    2. Applejack


      is the animation quality? :brit:

    3. Electro World

      Electro World

      @Applejack I would it's pretty good :mhm:

    4. Applejack


      not gonna say i'm gonna watch it right now because i got a HUGE backlog of all kinds of things including studying, but i just added it on my anime-to-watch list haha ;)  it's on netflix, slay

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k2Zzkw_-0I

    This song sounds like it could be straight out of "Britney" :madance:

  11. Came out to my best friend today. I won't go into details but I'm just gonna say that I couldn't have asked for a better reaction : ):):tifftear:

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    2. Electro World

      Electro World

      @ohoney check your dm's sis :queenriri:

    3. Electro World

      Electro World

      @ohoney your dm's don't work how else can i send it to you?? :meltdown:

    4. ohoney


      LMFAOOO send it to my twittah https://twitter.com/brenaguilar_ 

  12. Just moved into a new house!!! New beginnings:giggleney:

    1. I'mSoCurious
    2. ohoney


      Congrats sis! 

  13. " Don’t be shy, I have to keep at it
    Swing and miss, swing and miss, love in vain
    If I had just a little more courage
    Would all of this change ?

    Don’t be shy, don’t be shy, I have to keep at it
    These feelings strong enough to make me take a swing and miss
    Might surprisingly be just right
    I want to get there — love is leaning forward "

                                                                                     -Perfume, Koi wa Zenkei Shisei


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    2. ChrisTheLoner


      Your school has great taste in music :BBMAney:

    3. SlayOut


      Flawless song! :tiffanynod: You betta lip sync like our Kween when it comes on sis! :quirkney:

    4. BoyToySoldier
  15. Happy Easter everyone!!!:bigkiss:

    1. SlayOut


      omg yas sistren Happy Easter! :slayney:

  16. Time for spring break!!!! :carpoolney:

    1. SlayOut


      Yas sis! Do you have any major plans?! :queenflopga: Maybe a pool party with britneys dancers?! :jfallonlol:

    2. Electro World

      Electro World

      @SlayOut No plans, just hanging out at home with friends. Maybe make it a Slumber Party? :foh:

  17. Flop fan moment: Up until literally just now i thought Brit sung "But to lose all my SENTENCES" in oops :embarrassney::messbye:

  18. I have reached 3000 posts!!!! According to the old Exhale ranking system, I have entered my In The Zone era :thirsty:

  19. Was browsing Exhale then all of a sudden the Britney Ever After trailer started to play in the background. I didn't see any video window and the only thing I could do was mute the tab. :weirdmeout:

    This place is possessed :messbye:

    1. SlayOut


      The Britney Ever After commercial has played as an ad on some celeb blogs and I've screamed every time I've encountered it! :meltdown:

    2. BrittonJeanSpears



    3. Iced Tea

      Iced Tea

      Yes Natasha get that promo :nynod:

  20. Is someone able to, someway, somehow, make this gif small enough for Exhale's size limit?


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    2. ohoney


      There's a few options, i cut the gif scenes to resize it, or i will try to change the dimensions to 100x100 because when is 128x128 due to how long the gif is the size is about 800kb :( 

    3. Electro World

      Electro World

      @ohoney can you try to change the dimensions?

    4. ohoney


      i tried with 100x100 (the smallest) but nope, is still big :( 

  21. New computer!!!! Shoutout to my friend for helping me a lot with building it. It's really appreciated :hugs:

  22. Does anyone here know how to program using Java? I don't wanna fail :(

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    2. DaxCass


      What is Java? :ponderney:

    3. Electro World
    4. DaxCass


      Progamming always has seemed to me to be pretty hard :dead:

      Those people who make (good) games and apps are like some kind of genius to me :brit:

  23. School's closed tomorrow for the incoming snow storm!!!!:carpoolney:

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    2. SlayOut


      Slay a bit! :OMGney: You betta drink some hot cocoa under a blanket in front of the fireplace tomorrow! :myjam:

    3. Iced Tea

      Iced Tea

      Same! My superintendent, who is like 73, sent out a cringe-worthy voicemail singing "Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's no school tomorrow... We'll just add a day in June!" :orangu:

    4. Electro World