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  1. The 2nd episode was intense! After that last scene I was like WT ACTUAL F was THAT?!?!? 

    I get major Adam and Eve vibes from the young couple: A perfect man and a perfect woman (genetically) were chosen for a higher purpose. The woman meets devil-ish snakes (probably arrived with the antichrist), the woman convinces the man to "taste the forbidden fruit" as in convinces him to read the e-mails on an Apple computer (generally known that the Apple logo is an apple with a bite taken out of it), after that they "sin" as in having sex and almost got killed for it.



    Also every episode is great when it contains multiple Evan Peters gay sex/naked scenes.

    Ryan was like:



    I can't fcking wait for next week, I just can't! :yasqueen:

    On 9/19/2018 at 3:44 PM, Nata said:

     Can't  wait for episode 5. Murphy said it will be a big twist! Maybe all of this didn't happen yet? Maybe this is all Cordelia's vision? I need answers:schoolingtime:

    I thought about that too, I think something like that might going to happen. Or they will travel back in time somehow to prevent the apocalypse from happening hence the hour glass in the promos. 

    But tbh I really have no fcking clue at this point :wontcry:

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  2. 13 hours ago, xzede25 said:

    Its great and all but i hate  when artist do this. They got their money and in the end the fans are the ones that had to leave the show beaten and and no refound of the money they paíd for.


    Do a free  concert  and let the fans be themselves and i will say u trully care.

    This. She should at least reach out to the girl who has been violently dragged out by those moafuckers.

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  3. I'm so fcking hyped! I absolutely LOVED the first episode. The best season start in years, I was hooked on within the first 5 minutes. Coco's already my favorite character "You're now free to see other people" lmao :tifflmao:

    Also I love Joan 'idgaf' Collins and big YAAASSSS at Kathy Bates' and Sarah Paulson's characters. 

    I'm sooo looking forward to see my beloved witches bitches again. Rumor has it Madison shows up next episode :airpls:


    At the end when Michael showed up with the "Murder House" music in the background I got goosebumps I'm soooo here for that crossover!


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  4. 8 hours ago, RobRocks said:

    "this is the hardest sex i've ever done, sam, it's basically like 15 minutes workout

    there's a lot of surprises and i like to keep it fresh, i'll add one or two new positions and new lingerie soon. it's really cool" :mhm: 


    8 minutes ago, HairFlipQueen said:

    “I always come live”


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  5. 37 minutes ago, Cappycorn87 said:

    I can't even think of any Taylor videos that are even on Britney level.

    Look What You Made Me Do, Blank Space, Bad Blood, Out Of The Woods, Delicate, ...Ready For It are all entertaining high budget videos with either great visuals, a good story or both. Didn't see that from Britney in a while now.

    Let's not degrade other artists work like that because in the last 10 years most of Britney's videos were not on Britney-level either.