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    other Ahs apocalypse

    The 6th season definitely is
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    other Ahs apocalypse

    The 2nd episode was intense! After that last scene I was like WT ACTUAL F was THAT?!?!? I get major Adam and Eve vibes from the young couple: A perfect man and a perfect woman (genetically) were chosen for a higher purpose. The woman meets devil-ish snakes (probably arrived with the antichrist), the woman convinces the man to "taste the forbidden fruit" as in convinces him to read the e-mails on an Apple computer (generally known that the Apple logo is an apple with a bite taken out of it), after that they "sin" as in having sex and almost got killed for it. Also every episode is great when it contains multiple Evan Peters gay sex/naked scenes. Ryan was like: I can't fcking wait for next week, I just can't! I thought about that too, I think something like that might going to happen. Or they will travel back in time somehow to prevent the apocalypse from happening hence the hour glass in the promos. But tbh I really have no fcking clue at this point