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  1. there is nothing wrong with posting **** videos or showing skin, even when you are a mom.it will teach her kids that women can do whatever they want to do with their own bodies.I think they will be respectful to women and won't shame them thanks to their mom.no one says anything when a father does that kind of things.
  2. I never downvote anyone just for defending britney, that's the stupidest thing anyone can do.I do that if a member is being delusional and annoying or if s/he puts down another artist to supposedly defend britney.I remember downvoting you for something although I don't remember what it was about.but I remember that you weren't only defending britney and there was something else I was mad at.I also remember you childishly finding a **** ton of random and old posts of me and downvote them. @Hooked-On-Knee he is twisting it.
  3. Hi, friends.My friend's nephew has sma disease, if they can't buy the medicine they need in 8 months, Demir Ali probably will never be able to walk.he can even die.you can donate some money if you like: https://www.gofundme.com/f/Save-DemirAlis-Life Thank you.
  4. people are so selfish, they don't see anything wrong with harming others for their own comfort.and like everyone else, I would prefer not wearing a mask of course but we are in the middle of a pandemic, what I would or wouldn't prefer doing is not important and wearing a mask is not that hard and not that uncomfortable, you get used to it with time.ugh I'm angry, I work as a teacher at somewhere called children club and some of the teachers and the other staff don't give a ****.what if they have covid and transmit it to the students and the students transmit it to their families?not like the parents themselves are careful but...you know what I'm saying, we have to take good care of those kids.and they also pull their masks under their chins, they don't listen to us because how can they take us seriously?
  5. I agree, but some of the pics and incidents are from 2014-2016 etc (not only the ones I posted here, I couldn't find them all), not that old.can't people change in a couple of years, in their 30's? they can, but there is slight possibility.and this environment issue is very important, I talk about it whenever I get the chance.before someone comes in asking if I am acting responsibly, yes, I do my best.
  6. " I don't believe that she follows her own advice (unless she has changed)" + I didn't say or imply that she was a bad person or something like that.
  7. why say anything without proof? why not? lol.as if everyone comes with receipts for everything on a fan discussion forum.that's funny, why would I or anyone in here lie about her littering? we are all fans.and we've probably seen tons of candids of her, I'm surprised that you need to ask for proof.anyways, here are some receipts (the first one is from 2014, it's not recent but not very old either, which makes me think she still does it): there are more but of course I won't go through all of her candids or paparazzi videos.there were some pics of her flying paper planes out of a hotel balcony with her sons (from 2016) and I couldn't find the ones where she was dropping litter out of the window of her car (I'm assuming it was from the ff era but I'm not sure about the year) and no, she wasn't throwing it at the paparazzi, she dropped it on the street.also, I wouldn't be ok with it even if she threw it at the paparazzi, littering is littering.it was also disgusting when she threw coffee at paparazzi in 2004 and left the cup on the ground.there are other candids of her leaving the cigarette butts on the ground from different years (for example, there is a video of 2007ney dropping her cigarette in front of a market before going in but I'm not gonna bother because you'll say it's justified because it was in 2007.and I'm not saying that she's the only one doing it, a lot of smokers do that, I'm saying that it's also littering and it's funny for me when she says keep the planet clean).
  8. maybe I shouldn't say this now but I will...if you want to keep our planet clean britney ( if it's she who wrote the caption) maybe you can start by not littering; not dropping litter out of your car window, not flying paper planes unless it's your garden and you're going to pick them up and not throwing your cigarette butts around.if she really recycles, good for her, good for everyone but other than that, I don't believe that she follows her own advice (unless she has changed).lazy to find the candids.
  9. rated r. I'm not into partying and I'm an emotional person in general.blackout mostly consists of club songs.and I like diversity, blackout doesn't have that.it is a very good album and fun to listen to but it' just not my cup.that's why I also don't like ff very much but love britney and circus, there is no diversity or relatability on ff (for me).but ooh ooh baby is my fave brit song.
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