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  1. can't make you love me, lonely, before the goodbye, breathe on me, touch of my hand, ooh ooh baby, heaven on earth, inside out, just luv me. and maybe where are you now, I run away and shadow.
  2. I think this is the only picture that looks photoshopped from the park candids I've seen so far.I don't think they usually photoshop her and last year's yellow bikini pictures were original I believe.but wtf did they do to her here?this is what a 75 year old woman's body and skin would look like.they need to get sued.
  3. aww, I hope you're ok and away from him now.the most important thing in life is smoking for some people, I don't get it, I get that it's addictive but how can they let it hurt even their family members?parents should be careful at least but I always see people smoking like chimneys around their babies/children or let others poison their children (those "others" also deserve a good slap in their ******* faces), pregnant women torturing the poor baby in their bellies with that ****...ugh...
  4. yeah, my grandfather died from lung cancer, he wasn't that old, he was in his early 60's and the last year of his life was literally hell.he couldn't eat properly because he wasn't able to chew, he said his bones/jaw hurt, he couldn't take a bath on his own, he needed to be diapered and someone had to change his diaper...he was so much in pain I remember.and he had started having difficulty breathing long before he was diagnosed with cancer.it's so sad that he needed to be taken care of at an early age, I know he was embarrassed and regretted smoking but it was too late. (yeah, 60's are too early for that ****, he wasn't 80 or something.) and it was so bad that my father quit smoking after seeing his father like that but he started again like two years later.and a doctor told him that he was very likely to get cancer and he still smokes.I won't be there for him if he gets cancer or any other deadly disease.sorry but I begged him to stop, I won't help him in any way. if he thinks "my kids will change my diapers like I did to my father, they'll feed me and wash me", no, I definitely won't.
  5. sorry for your loss. <3 thanks for the info.I'm glad to learn that the meds probably aren't that bad.
  6. I know it's her fault if she ends up getting her health ****ed ( I'm actually surprised that she still looks healthy, can work out etc considering she has been smoking for many years + getting heavy medication.I know she is still young so her body can handle these things but I'm scared that **** will soon start taking a toll on her ) because no one forces her to harm herself like that but still, that sentence just really hit me.I can totally blame them for the medication part tho, I know she has issues, I don't mean that she shouldn't be getting medication but I feel like she is getting more/heavier than she needs.I hope that's not the case.
  7. for real, if someone I love and care about smokes, I always think "is he/she gonna die early?is she/he gonna die in pain or live a miserable life (health wise) after, like, 50-60 ?" even though one part of me says "**** it.they deserve it.I shouldn't be worrying about them", I can't help feeling bad.so, I don't get it when people say "let her be, it makes her happy" blah blah.she can find other things that would make her happy I'm sure, I know she lives a restricted life but I don't think the only thing she can do is to smoke.
  8. I don't like sam but sometimes I feel bad for him, I am really really so in love with a guy and I even opened up to him, said "I love you" to his face and he said " wow...thanks". I was like at first but now I am telling myself "he smokes, you wouldn't be happy with him anyway" and I can't even feel bad for being rejected when I think like that. Idk why I'm telling you this, I'm sure no one is interested in my (non-existent) love life. I was just going to tell you that I agreed with you.whatever...
  9. what an idiot, where is the work ethic, where are the morals? it wouldn't be that bad if he offered *** after if he liked someone without forcing or threatening the guy with anything but the way he does it is beyond disgusting.britney doesn't have one decent adult person in her life I guess (except for felicia and childhood friends but she can't even see them apparently).
  10. yeah, we should have defended the queen of rapists and pedophiles instead.
  11. I've always wanted to do that, it's sad that I will never have a private pool
  12. for the part that's probably written for me, I know there are so many things poisoning us but particularly smoking is for pleasure (and how do you even know that we don't care or don't talk about other things, the topic is smoking here so we focus on that.is there a limitation that keeps us from being annoyed or talking about different problems?lol) and people don't have to do that next to their non-smoker friends, children etc, they just think "it's not banned here so **** other people, **** my friend who's sitting with me here, I can make her/him smell bad with me, harm her with me and she has to stand the disgusting smelling smoke" (it's not for the ones who respect and care about the people around them so don't bother).as you can see I'm not particularly judging britney or everyone.if that comment wasn't for me, sorry for the rant but l'm sure it was for me.
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