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  1. I disagree, keeping yourself current and profitable is extremely natural for pop music. Madonna collaborated with Miley Cyrus when she was on the spotlight, Michael Jackson had Britney by his side on the stage when she was just a newcomer, there’s nothing wrong with “lowering” yourself to keep things fresh and attracting other audiences. I see Britney as a really talented performer who happens to make legendary music. It’s not like she has a great voice as we naively like to believe, but she has a really distinctive one and that’s why she is appreciated as a singer. Her career stopped progressing as she had a mental breakdown and was almost killed by fame, I don’t think any artist of her kind would be even still working after everything she has been through, it was a whole lot. She probably still suffers from mental illness and found a safe place between work and personal life that makes it possible for her still be in the industry without selling her soul, health and happiness for it. Would I be happy if Britney was ruling the charts and everywhere like she used to in 2003? Absolutely, but we can see she’s genuinely happier nowadays, so all I ask from her is that she keeps bringing the bops, releasing beautiful videos and good quality bodies of work and keep performing occasionally so I can see her, that’s more than enough for me.
  2. You’re talking about an A List celebrity who has no famous friends and is totally out of touch with what A-lists do and what young audiences consume (except for the anime her kids watch). Do you think Britney would be someone to call Larry and ask him to book her for Coachella? She probably doesn’t even know what Coachella is, as she didn’t even know what Carpool Karaoke was about before being set up for an appearance. IT’S THE MANAGER’S JOB BOOKING STUFF and most importantly, seeing opportunities to gather new audiences.
  3. As I was saying, still not her fault, that’s her label/larry’s job. People on Exhell act like the artists themselves call to award shows, set up promotion strategies and book their own gigs, that’s dumb and needs to stop.
  4. BrITNeY HaS No ***** To GiVe AbOUt PrOMotINg mUsIC. *****, change the record, she literally promoted her *** off for Glory, we never had that many Festivals and TV appearances since Circus, it’s her label/management fault not putting her on things relevant enough to actually push her sales and image.
  5. She lost so many good opportunities of having a hit with all those delays and messy promotion. “Party Favors” was my jam back when trap was going strong and it played in every party here in Rio lol. “Company” was literally my most played song in 2017 and it remains flawless.
  6. I just wish she would hire a decent makeup artist who’s used to working with more mature skin and would stop tanning like rotisserie chicken.
  7. My 13 year old gay *** would blast Toxic on repeat all day when the album came out, I don’t even know why, it was my favorite track since day one. Then it changed to Showdown and it’s still my favorite one.
  8. I’m hoping for something with a little throwback taste, like
  9. You’re crazy, all the overdone dubstep influences in FF screams 2011 all over it. Still a good album tho.
  10. The biggest difference for me between the original mv and the one we got is how LaChapelle managed to perfectly sync the choreography to the music and portray Make Me as a danceable song, every little beat had its moment (I love the clapping bits). That’s exactly what was missing and ruined Make Me on Radio and consequently on the charts, people just saw it as a chill song when it could’ve been much more.
  11. And now her domestic runway shows for Hannah Spears landed her a deal with a major designer brand. When would Gisele Hasbeenchen?
  12. Oh man, Kenzo has a history of featuring artists on their work, I still remember the soundtrack collab they had with M.I.A. But I forbid myself of getting excited, we'll be lucky if the photoshoot itself doesn't get scrapped.
  13. The video ruined it for me, it’s full of interesting and deep references and stuff but everything was there just to distract us from the fact she was far from being a functional human being back then. The dance parts even with the million cuts they did to convince us she was dancing properly are way too cringeworthy for me. Oh, and it sounds dated af cause it screams that period in time all over it
  14. Both girls sound EXACTLY the same, Britney’s iconic voice could do wonders for those nothing-special songs.
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