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  1. I dont want to be mean but she needs to stop with those short length dresses... I wish she went the Hot couture route for awards shows.. but meh she loves the some old so we just have to get used to it...
  2. She really needs to reinvent her music AND her Dance style. Her dance style has not evolved since 2004. She needs Brian Friedman or Yanis Marshall to help her come up with a new and awesome performance style.
  3. I love his choreo.. i just wanted to see something different from britney i know she cant do hard stuff but nothing wrong with a different flare...
  4. PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I SAID WITH A BETTER CHOREOGRAPHER EVERYTHING WOULD BE BETTER? I did not im just praising a choreographer UGH! stop trying to read beyond what i wrote.
  5. AMAZING CHOREO!!! Britney needs to hire Yanis Marshall:
  6. Im not on exhale all the time so i never saw the other ones. im talking how latin songs in taking over
  7. With all the latin songs dominating radio and clubs did Britney Miss an opportunity with no seas cortes? Maybe even do a remix with a latin superstar like daddy yankee or something.
  8. LOOK AT THIS AMAZING CHOREO! I cant STop watching! i feel Britney would give this chore justice and more dimention:
  9. No Other artist has made a concert just for Netflix... maybe Britney Can be the 1st?
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