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  1. I’m pretty sure mine got pushed back to ship today, but now it’s not coming through when I use the order number from my confirmation email in the tracker. Think I should be worried?
  2. I loved zoey. I’d watch a reboot, but its pretty sketch that once again when Britney’s not making the cash they turn to JL...
  3. Got mine. Ugh I’m so excited. I hope they do B in the Mix. The vibe of that album would lend so well to vinyl
  4. Them trying so hard to push this anti-Lynn narrative just proves how scared they are of her getting even a little involved, and that there is some shady stuff going on with Britney that she wasn’t aware of before
  5. Not MY hero. Also I’m pretty sure the story goes Lynne agreed on the show and then Phil (trying to remember his real name I think it’s McGraw or smth) came in to her room without permission and made things a whole lot worse. Then he demanded compensation or something for them not coming on his show even though there was nothing officially binding (if I remember correctly) and proceeded to act like Britney’s personal doctor in every interview when he had no business doing so. Point is, I don’t trust him on the matter.
  6. Isn’t this guy A) still not a doctor and B) the same guy that broke into Britney’s room at Sinai?
  7. It doesn’t sound like her to me, but I wasn’t around back then so maybe there’s some proof I haven’t seen
  8. Reading that article makes me feel so bad for her
  9. I’m actually glad she didn’t do it in the first few years of her career. It’s always cooler when a legend comes back to the halftime show rather than a new star, no matter how big they are. 2012/2013 (as far as her fame, not her performance skills) or 2015/2016 would’ve been ideal, but I think she could pull off an amazing show anytime if she worked hard.
  10. Got a copy. Excited. I hope this means they’ll be treating more of her discography. I’m hoping they push out all the studio albums but tbh I’m hoping for b in the mix the most. I feel like it’d sound awesome on vinyl.
  11. I actually find it really interesting that he thought of it as a continuation of “hey mr postman”. For some reason, that never clicked for me. Very cool. Anyway, the song is incredibly campy and fun, and the vocals and production aren’t bad at all really. It’s just how dated it sounds. I also love that he gave props to FTBOMBH (underrated bop) and Britney herself. That comic version sounds like it’d be a nice find too.
  12. The rumor was that Jason and her had a thing. Hence her divorce and Jason and Britney’s engagement being called off. Idk of those timelines line up at all, but that’s what I heard.
  13. I don’t know, maybe because canceling a whole residency that’s already significantly in development and is only a few months away is a kinda big deal? Even from a purely money-making standpoint, canceling the show is not smart. It would take awhile to figure out a course of action with all parties involved. Not to mention it’s someones health, which can change quickly. They wouldn’t have made this decision until it was clear how serious jamie’s condition was.
  14. I don’t see anything wrong with nappytabs revealing details about the show, but how they responded to the prerecorded vocs thing was a tad immature.
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