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  1. Iexpectyouto

    tour POM Meet and Greet Evolution

    Awe some of these are so good. Also, did the Asian Tour not have M&G’s?
  2. Iexpectyouto

    exhale So what if for a comeback performance in 07/08....

    heres the performance, btw
  3. ...Britney did something along the lines of Madonna’s performance at the met gala this year? It was just uploaded to her YouTube and though the quality is sometimes poor it’s truly beautiful and moving. (And if you haven’t seen it this might be confusing) It got me thinking, what if for Britney’s comeback in 07/08, she had done a similar performance at a big event? Like the vmas or (less likely) the Grammys? Like she starts with BOMT or Toxic but with spiritual themes and rearranged to be a really haunting metaphor about the way she was eaten alive by the press and then she goes into a little sung antecdote about society (their obsession with perfection, youth, beauty) and then went through the crowd singing “hallelujah”? It’s not a hard song. She could’ve done it. And of course it’d be done with live vocals and lots of drama as she’s sumbolically beaten down by the dancers. Then followed by an album all about her life and fame and fall and rise. Of course that would’ve never happened, but it would’ve been legendary, and I think Britney would’ve been happier overall to finally be taken as a serious artist.
  4. But why? my favorite thing Aruba has ever done (besides put your hearts up) is her walking funny after being plowed by Pete lol. I used to really like her but her new stuff has kinda underwhelmed me. Her videos are really cool though.
  5. Iexpectyouto

    tour This is unacceptable SCREAMING

    Lol she’s just sitting there. That’s hilarious. No joke her lack of fucks slays me all the time. On a serious note though whenever I used to do theatre I’d always try and find w seat when I was offstage, and my shows were all much less physically demanding (of course you couldn’t see me from the audience but yk) so I feel for her, even if it’s incredibly messy.
  6. Does anybody know the full list of songs she sang? Even the ones we didn’t see?
  7. Iexpectyouto

    other Do you have any Britney tic?

    Yes lol. I do the fingers on the lips thing a lot and I also picked up her laugh, as well as her tendency to only describe things as “cool”
  8. Iexpectyouto

    other Britney MIC FEED - Apple Music Festival

    Idk if this is real, since you can’t hear her breathe, but i def think she probably mumbles the lyrics sometimes under the track like in these videos here, you just can’t hear her.
  9. Is that on her team or on the venue?
  10. Iexpectyouto

    socialney What's the story behind this legendary GIF?

    just a day in the life of FFney. Thank god she seems much more alive onstage now.
  11. These are amazing too! Her nose being scrunched up in POM bothers me for some reason but other than that lol
  12. So have they been in court together or just her reps?
  13. Iexpectyouto

    other How Iconic Is TRL 2003 Promo Performance?

    Well it’s not really iconic except for it being trl and Britney but it sure is amazing. They don’t make them like this anymore.
  14. Iexpectyouto

    rumor ENews: Will Justin Discuss Britney in His New Book?

    I find it interesting that they acknowledged here that Britney spawned JT’s career, but also that they said he was more in love than her, when we have many accounts (including from lance bass) proving otherwise. Besides Justin just being an overall POS through the whole Britney thing it really bothers me the media never even tried to see her side or investigate to see that he also cheated, repeatedly. But whatever. One day Britney will be a case study for how sexist the media can be.
  15. Iexpectyouto

    other When was the first time Britney lip-synced?

    All the MMC performances were prerecorded and pretty obviously lip synced