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  1. Nothing wrong with "drawing on abs" lol, it's just contouring muscles that are already to make them more prominent, a lot of celebs do it. However, POM 2013 was pretty bad. Gma 2008 is a good example of how it can make you look good.
  2. Song choices and lead choices is what Britney has a big say in and is part of the reason the leads of each album are what they are. Promo is supported by RCA, not necessarily her team. Videos depend on the budget she's given by her label, again, not her team. But a lot of their methods are outdated, they really need a revamp.
  3. Look at her spotify top 5 there you go: Toxic, BOMT, Oops, Womanizer, Work *****
  4. I've never seen a fan base caught up on their fav's look more than this base Move on, she's still gorgeous, I wonder how you'll drag her when she's 50
  5. Make Me was the best it was going to get
  6. Slim chance at being a hit. Britney's glory days on the radio are over, and Pitbull is pretty irrelevant in Anglophone countries tbh. Neither of them are big streaming forces either.
  7. New rules only just became a hit in the US, her new single is just starting. Idk why exhale gets so pressed when other females find success
  8. Waste of a video but the song would have mostly still flopped. Probably coudlve peaked higher though with a good video
  9. Its impact only came after its chart run. It didn't perform that well on radio. S&S was truly her last smash hit
  10. The best part of the Glory era was this tbh. If only Make Me had an amazing video, it could have given the era a nice boost
  11. DIdn't she already have an Apple Music commercial in 2016 when Glory came out?
  12. Her second single is still rising fast, and it’s one of radio’s top gainers. It’s a future hit, but try again next time girl
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