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  1. Omgosh this is flawless. Wish this was the official MV tbh. They should have just kept the dance scenes. Whoever made this video is a genius. Take notes, Team Britney.
  2. my straight friend saw this video before me. I-- Damn it's good it's getting the exposure it deserves tbh. End this conservatorship!
  3. I suggest following Britney Fan accounts such as @BritneyHiatus. They're amazing Also, if ya'll have other Britney fan accounts to recommend, let me know! I wanna follow!
  4. The song is ok, I think? It's not that her best work for sure. I thought the MV video was fun though. Loved the dancing parts haha. Thought there were both silly and fun.
  5. I rarely post pix of myself on my IG because I cringe every time I look at myself LOL. I'm more of a IG story type of gay tho.
  6. My fantasy Britney Halftime show still holds the record and remains unbothered though...
  7. She can do whatever tf she wants with her Ig. You moaning about a profile pic is however, kinda dumb.
  8. It's SO nice to see many people would stand up and defend her. She's still so loved. <3
  9. You can tell she really loves her new hair color! Yasss
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