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  1. She should do whatever she wants. I love how she's speaking up and being vocal about things. It may seem at times kinda awkward BUT that's only because we don't see her doing that very often. Heck, I get awkward when I try to be in front of the camera haha. She's gonna be slaying us with more videos! Love it when my queen gets a little feisty and confident.
  2. I always find her songs that are inspired by real-life experiences fascinating tbh. So hopefully she does more writing and we get to see some glimpses of that in her music.
  3. Any kind soul can pm me the link, please?
  4. This scene reminds me somehow of the scene from White Chicks
  5. Hope everything's ok... The family has probably been with Jamie ever since the first surgery and they're feeling anxious about the 2nd one. That's why they're spending as much time they have together before that. Imagine the anxiety... Hope all goes well though! Family IS important. Everything else can wait.
  6. One time I heard Man On the Moon at McDonald's. Thought that was random but cool haha
  7. Why do people "hate follow" people they don't like? If you don't like someone, mind your own business lol. Also, why do people like to judge others they don't know? Yes, the star thing is lame but who cares tho lol. Damn, we really need new Britney music. Britney please come through so we have something worthwhile to talk about...
  8. Imagine the Brazilian and Filipino fans together = They're such great stans tbh..
  9. I'm shocked by how rude some people are in here. f**king assholes. Wow. I hope Britney stays with her family for as long as she wants. We don't deserve her tbh.
  10. It's time to put done the Pokémon game for a while and go get some fresh air...
  11. I wanna gain 10 pounds (how much is that in kg tho lol) I hate being skinny And I'm not even a skinny legend
  12. I think it's just the theme of her new show and will probably reflect in the setlist and performances. And probably her outfits too. If you look at the Prerogative ad - she's playing this dominatrix persona, so I'm guessing it's along that line? Something empowering? I doubt it's about dominating vegas or anything narcissist like that ...
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