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  1. I feel like now they are going to keep posting on her insta to make her seem crazy. Give sis her socials back.
  2. Disgusting how she can’t have more kids because her own father controls her. That’s not normal to anyone.
  3. This needs to go viral. The GP needs to know who’s really running Britney’s account.
  4. Bumping this. Because with new reports, this makes it more clear how disgusting Jamie is.
  5. Ahhaha. There was a comment that said “Brit has always paid respect to the culture and her influences so I want her free”
  6. I worded that wrong. I meant like they just Don’t care about anything not black related. It’s considered mayonnaise to them lmao. I’m Latino.
  7. “Let the good sis Brit Brit out!”
  8. WTF if this doesn’t prove that Lou is behind brits IG then idk what does. The style is the EXACT same. Yet people still wanna believe it’s Brit behind her captions.
  9. Yes they are racist af against white people. But they love Brit and wanna see her win so this is really good. Shows people are actually invested in what’s going on.
  10. Have you guys seen this? The comments are usually really hard on her but all of them on their recent post about Britney are all positive. It’s good to see the GP on her side finally.
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