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  1. hiii i too would like to catch Mesprit and Uxie , I can invite yall to Azelf raids. my username is dojitamarie and my code is 7030 5908 3100 i also send gifts everyday
  2. Why Should I Be Sad popped into my head first.... it’s undoubtedly her most vulnerable song lyrically ever. She let us into her life with so many details, which were incredibly descriptive. And her message after all of that was just.... why SHOULD i be sad?????? ugh.... a genius. even if she didn’t write it lol
  3. are we hearing the same album? i love it.
  4. britney has been posting these less than glamourous self photoshoots since 2015. this is her idea of what being free and **** looks like. i see nothing wrong with it. do i think its very unrefined and not so flattering? maybe.... but who cares. that’s brit. literally has always been brit. she’s just bored at home and wants to give us some content but doesnt necessarily have the precision and skill to do it glamourously by herself.
  5. LEGEND!!!! where the hell did you find this
  6. yessss.... you remember! it’s literally nowhere to be found. i cant even find pictures of her on that night. she looked absolutely stunning.
  7. hmm noope.... i'm talking about the interview from 2008. it was RIGHT before "for the record" premiered. I promise I'm not imagining it lol
  8. Do any of you remember that pre-show before For the Record was premiered? I think TRL Damien was the one who "interviewed" Britney. I remember how everyone noticed she seemed either super angry or upset. She looked absolutely stunning with a tight black tube top I think. I tried finding the video everywhere and it's nowhere to be found.... SUPER curious about this vid, I watched it live but never saw it since. let's dig!!!!!!!
  9. am i the only one who loves these? 😂 i think it fits britneys interest level and live capabilities really well while still being visually nice to look at.
  10. this hooville lookin rat with a wig better tread lightly
  11. my predictions: The world will JUST now be starting the touring gigs back up again, but online promotion and interaction will have evolved so much by then that touring won’t be as popular by the time we’re able to enjoy it again. Britney will be “free” and loosely tease us with an album for years, but won’t release til after 2024. She will give us a little more insight to the things she has endured, but will still remain a mysterious force. Gaga will do lots more films, and maybe one or two more albums before 2024. Beyonce will have released two more epic albums/films and solidify her ongoing legacy. Rihanna will have finally released R9 but not R10, her cosmetic empire will evolve and amplify into mega-brand territory. Ariana will release 3 more albums before 2024 and be a true pop queen. Madonna will release another album and get even more experimental and even more cringe.
  12. Hi Miyah! Whats your favorite Britney non-single? Also, did you all ever get to meet? Thanks for answering our questions and being brave out here 😂 You’re the best!!
  13. 1. Britney 2. Stronger 3. Dream Within a Dream 4. Onyx Hotel 5. Blackheart 6. Circus (there is literally no possible alternative, it is perfect) 7. POWER 8. Galaxy 9. Lovenote
  14. ummm im expecting the worst, hoping for the best. but tbh, i dont really see any big movement of freedom happening. and it makes me really sad.
  15. interesting is a good word for it. shes either going to lyrically and thematically address all the chaos around her situation right now...... or, you know.....not! she could totally just make music about *** and leave an elephant in the room completely. either way it will be interesting
  16. bomt 1. thinkin about you 2. i will be there 3. deep in my heart 4. beat goes on oops 1. dont go knockin on my door 2. what u see is what u get 3. when your eyes say it 4. one kiss from you britney 1. what its like to be me 2. lonely 3. let me be 4. i run away in the zone 1. breathe on me 2. showdown 4. early mornin 5. touch of my hand blackout 1. hot as ice 2. get naked 3. ooh ooh baby 4. why should i be sad circus 1. mannequin 2. unusual you 3. blur 4. phonography femme fatale 1. how i roll 2. up n down 3. inside out 4. he about to lose me britney jean 1. body ache 2. til its gone 3. now that i found you 4. it should be easy *barfs* glory 1. just luv me 2. change your mind 3. do you wanna come over 4. if im dancing
  17. iiiiii think about this a lot. its a good question. i think obviously if this were the case, there would be a new management team around her that likely would have some creative impact as well. I think it could look a lot better if she actually likes and trusts her hypothetical, new team.... however, if she doesn’t like her new team..... **** could get worse. i have no idea. in any case, i have a feeling that whatever she releases musically in the future will be incredible.
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