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  1. the reality is that it's gonna be pretty decent and ya'll gonna not appreciate it and the show will only get worse over the years and yall gonna be like omg i want 2019ney back oh 2016ney... at least i've loved you from day 1
  2. Actually it was 2017
  3. Herumbra

    other We need MORE playback

    She alongside Ariana are the best vocallists in the game right now
  4. Herumbra

    other We need MORE playback

    she dances alot and has nice choreo and most of the time she lipsyncs, but there are live vocals moments that are awesome. Anyway, she's a lip-syncer who's not lazy
  5. Herumbra

    other We need MORE playback

    there's somebody called beyonce you should search
  6. Herumbra

    exhale New Fantasy perfume (+ new promo pic)

    omg she looks f**king gorgeous? like she looks like 2000ney there