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  1. Lol they didn’t split, she first got kicked out of the group by the creator of the group cause she was the issue And then they split cause of it. Looks like she’s still an issue lol
  2. No wonder Britney couldn’t connect to the court, motherf er was hogging all the WiFi ugh men and they Xbox’s and PS lol I’m jk
  3. I just check rn to see if it’s there and it’s still is... YASSSSSS 1 2 3 not only you and me... Everybody loves uhhhh
  4. You asked the right person (S E X Goddess here ) I totally doubt it, Grindr is mainly a hookup app so mostly all the guys wanna If U Seek Amy , and like 20%-44% guys are weird, fake, too sexual and/or asking for too much, etc. Also define “friend”, I haven’t made or have a friend from the app but have good fwb’s and their nice and friendly and still met and text and etc. with them all and they good looking too with nice big peens, I thank God for blessing me with my big d energy powers and my other powers too Also it’s rare but guys sometimes lie about their sexual health. Best bet is old fashioned like me and Britney or Tinder which I’ll will try soon and I’ll let you know cause mama wants a hot guy to be in a serious relationship already and I’ll try keyword, TRY with Tinder if old fashion is too slow, even tho I prefer old fashion Hope that helped luv
  5. Not with that attitude she won’t
  6. OMG REALLY SIS how was it? How was that hammer peen? Was it big or small? Did you feel 50 shade of greyney?
  7. How can that be sis? Me and Zac are married, you lying?
  8. Here is fine sis unless it’s bad then private lol and yea and I strongly feel like I’m an empath, sometimes when my aunt gets a headache I feel it and know what spot is it hurting her head, I also feel like I got some healing powers to me too, and I got a lot of electricity in me or used too idk about that one but that’s about it. Oh and apparently I could give some big D energy powers temporarily to people
  9. After good sis Roxxy can you read me pls Oh and also get your Charmed on my fellow witch sister I also got powers too (I’m actually being for real and not joking around)
  10. She’s not fat, the paparazzi just photoshop her to look that way. It’s a conspiracy theory that I think you should be discussing
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