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  1. Agree with everyone. Sam L was a plant. I wonder how Lynne feels about it all now? Lou will keep going until she is criminally charged and shamed. James will hold on until he is kicked off by the court. Her kids are teenagers now and K-fed has the kids FT and barely any of the Spears family see her sons. Britney is STILL in a permanent c-ship that they planned on never ending. They are ALL involved in this. SHAME!!!.
  2. Looks like they trying to drum up interest and hype to get the show going again? Doing this just proves how ignorant her family are. Trying to launch JL back into the industry when BRITNEY is fighting their father to get out of her affairs. JL represents how clueless they are. She gets HATE because it comes off exactly as it is. Bryan too. They treat Britney like an old rich grandma you throw into a nursing home and never see. Common sense would be to tell her lunatic father to step down because it’s bad publicity for her career and let Britney be free. But clearly her dad is in deep ****. He can’t just stop this now. Lou Taylor is an idiot. She still has no idea what power Free Britney has. It’s never going away.
  3. I love the covers. But is she just a cover girl now? It’s a slippery slope.
  4. Probably Nikki DeLoach. She did a podcast interview on “we need to talk about Britney” Keep in mind she is Justin’s Bestie. She was also on MMC.
  5. Since James stepped down as Britney’s personal conservator things have been different. James could have kept Britney in the dark for many years for all we know. All her questions / wishes about the c-ship could have been ignored by him. We have speculated he made promises and used a reward system when she “behaved”. Since Jodi has been in place, Ingham has made big moves. Both Jodi and Ingham have bad rep from previous guard ships they have controlled. BUT they are professionals in their field. James as a conservator was her dad also. He probably never took her wishes or needs seriously. Again proving that professional were needed here. The public pressure is keeping Ingham and Jodi accountable.
  6. Ingham gave us tea that James spoke to Bessemer. This is clearly a move they do a lot. Lou Taylor too. She probably taught him. Speak to the people speaking out or attempting to move in and explain a narrative to control. Her ig is controlled by a company that Lou hires. This would happen even if she wasn't in the c-ship. However... she would have a team that is the opposite of what is happening now. One day... Britney deserves a good team. Who uplifts her.
  7. Ingham said in court they feel threatened. They should. If they couldn’t handle Ingham turning his attention to them. They won’t handle this well at all. Lou is shaking in her boots over the new firm going through the report she filled. They are gonna red flag everything. That’s karma.
  8. Milestone! First time in 12 years! Her dad’s side will down play this. But this will continue to be wins for Britney. He will eventually step down or be kicked off. She doesn’t want him there. He could have been a better father and not just a control freak. But here we are.
  9. Britney should get a RO against him when he is kicked off the c-ship.
  10. Her own brother has said her posts get approved. Her dad’s lawyers don’t see her a a person- recently questioning if Sam Ingham should speak for Britney as her court appointment lawyer. How can anyone believe she is posting on her ig and she is happy to do these videos? i think “Britney’s lawyers ig” thoughts are probably the most accurate. It’s an agreement and she does them in batches. It’s a narrative they are constantly selling and always around her court dates.
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