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    Ashlee Simpson's New Album Out This Fall!

    I enjoy Ashlee's solo stuff. Idk, guess I just have mixed feelings with it being a joint album with her husband.
  2. Not sure if anybody has posted this yet. Here's a review from Fragrantica: https://www.fragrantica.com/news/Britney-Spears-PREROGATIVE-11130.html
  3. Thank you! I haven't seen the ad yet. I'm excited because I genuinely love the perfume line. She looks great in the commercial and in this print ad.
  4. That's not too surprising imo. The Britney perfume brand is an excellent one, I just had my doubts that she had a lot of input in the product itself outside of doing an ad/promo picture for it.
  5. Please don't say that. My other favorite IS dead and it's painful on so many levels. I honestly hope I NEVER see a picture of the poor bastard's corpse because his car looked awful enough to start with. Falco pulled out in front of a bus and the bus hit him. His car looked like a damn crushed tuna can. And as bad as it sounds, I hope he died on impact. I can't imagine how scary it must be to live even a few minutes after an accident like that. I blame both parties. He shouldn't be shitfaced and trying to drive and it sounds like the bus was going too fast. Both were just in the wrong place and at the wrong time. And I don't want to sound like I'm a weirdo that he'd have to file a restraining order over. There's his own private life, I wish he could've gotten to a point where he was okay. Stay on the wagon, find as much peace and happiness as you can in your life, etc. But there's the professional side. I would've loved to have seen the music he put out if he had lived. And maybe I'm wrong and he would've ended up walking away from his career whether he lived. All the flops have to be devastating if you're in a position where you NEED hits. Falco didn't have a perfume line to fall back on. If you're seriously wishing the lady died instead of you having to put up with her flopping, maybe it's time to walk away? Just stop following her. Keep the albums you treasure and just pretend Britney 1.0 retired. And I want to use this other example since I'm kinda getting into their music--The Carpenters. Karen really had such a beautiful, peaceful, soothing voice. Karen died before I was born and I just can't imagine how painful it must've been to have been a fan and seeing her downward spiral with her eating disorder. Even if you didn't know what was going on, surely people could look at her and tell "Something's VERY wrong." Fans had front row seats of this poor lady slowly killing herself. And it really makes me wonder how diehard fans feel--is there a point where you just DON'T want to look at videos or interviews when Karen's health is at her worst?
  6. glitterfalls

    tour The saddest thing happened at last night’s show

    That does suck. But I can't help echoing what others have said. If you're going to a concert, you're getting the meet and greet/paid for one, you need to make damn sure you have all your details correct.