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  1. she always had this spiking energy doing this and she seemed to really enjoy it
  2. June 19, you find the reddit post June 19 the mysterious reddit acc appears June 19 you create your twitter acc and you post this as 2nd tweet not here for this sketchy BS
  3. this topic is way out of line and needs to be locked. it is just wrong
  4. its literally whispers and autotune and most of us would sound decent singing this - no excuse
  5. trying to build her life while other forces were tearing it apart for profit really human, empathetic and love driven statements from a person 'Destroyed by the star system' a mother and a woman in need every one took advantage of definitely a strong fighter . what if the reason shes here for is to teach that is possible to co exist with your best and worst self ? let britney decide what she wants , help and guide her, she;s a fast learner
  6. those people are awful making fun of her at the end :((
  7. stubled upon pap videos during the britney black ages
  8. the album is perfect. manages to refresh older musical genres , sonically, vocally and lyrically is amazing
  9. thats just one more pathetic move from her side - blame it on the coronavirus. She knows this will flop and has no chance to chart unless she promotes it on every tv channel. Look at how dua lipa will have her #1 sitting on her *** at home cause her album is BOMB. Sorry gaga, you are just afraid and pathetic.
  10. Great idea but i guess it didnt just work out olympics 2020 cancelled https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2881956-2020-tokyo-olympics-will-be-postponed-due-to-coronavirus-says-iocs-****-pound sorry brit
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