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  1. 15 hours ago, ydmc said:


    That's why I'm not rooting for liveney, I don't see the point in performing WB, Crazy, WOmanizer, TTWE live,

    I mean most of the pre-recorded vocals for the FFT were cirngy for that reason.

    Like the IWG pre-recorded vocals... tragic

    This sounds kinda weird but i've always had a hunch that she would be able to sing womanizer live decently good :gloss:

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  2. 2 hours ago, billyjb26 said:

    I think she looked great at TCA 2009, aside from the hair, like you said. But personally, she looked even MORE like Primeney at this autism awareness event in July 2008. Even the hair looked real and healthy. I can't believe that she was hospitalized against her will just 6 months prior to looking this healthy and amazing. :tysm: 


    I second that :kyliecry:


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  3. I (somehow) actually have very similar facial features: hooded downturned eyes, identical nose, similar lips (original britney eyes, nose, lips).

    ADD and anxiety.

    Complete lack of motivation. 

    Fell in love again recently.

    Go through constant phases and stages of being/acting like a completely different person.

    So now that I made myself sound crazy... you wanna piece of me? :yeahhh:

  4. Why couldn't she just leave the mouth ALONE. I'm sad. :kyliecry:













    It kills me that she could easily get fillers in her nose and stop with the lip fillers, and look like a more mature version of herself. Instead, we get eternal Jokerney.:tear:

    Goodnight. I think ill go listen to circus and eat a tub of ice cream. :imok:

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  5. On 5/7/2017 at 1:20 PM, fabr_argent said:



    Don't get me wrong the VMA's look was one of her best, but one of the things that really kills me in general is how they haven't found a makeup artist that will ADAPT to her changing skin and face. Instead of just catering to Britney's unrealistic desire to "not sit in a makeup chair for a long time" They should be using thicker MATTE foundation and referring to past looks that worked for Britney - (Light eyelid colors, light/shimmery inner color, classic tone lip-gloss) - instead of just doing the "Usual".... 

  6. On 5/7/2017 at 11:59 PM, Justney said:

    I dont understand what changed in her ... this was after the breakdown and she looked like she did prior.. then suddenly she is a totally different person...it's so weird. Also her teeth probably did change. If she ever got braces as a kid and stopped wearing a retainer her teeth could have shifted.. or she might be a tongue thruster.. maybe she grinds her teeth when she sleeps. idk but teeth can undergo changes as you age. 

    I'm pretty sure they got her a new retainer before circus era and got her teeth whitened, she (eventually) stopped using the retainer, hence the shifted teeth. 

    She could EASILY fix them, but currentney seems to think she has "nothing to prove" :brit:

  7. Obviously Britney lives a life like the rest of us, and her weight fluctuates with that, but something I've never understood is how her body type-frame literally changes per era.

    What I mean is that, even at times where she has had very little "fat" to lose, her body has , regardless, appeared very "large" and her torso very "box-like". While I'm only showing pics from 2011, I noticed this to be true in 2013 as Vegas was in preparation (In Perfume video):




    Where during most of Circus Era, and late 2015- Present, her body has been much more "slim and trim", to me personally, she looks a lot smaller and petite. Which in my experience, this overall change usually doesn't occur unless large amounts of weight have been lost/gained.  (which doesn't apply to her)





    As you can see, she definetly looked like she had a "heavy -set" body type at times, then ended up looking smaller and narrow.:ponderney:

    I have thought about this for a while, and I've summed it up to the use of seretonin inhibiting anti-depressents, which work for both depression and anxiety. Some side effects of this class of medications include drowsiness, bloating, changes in weight,LACK OF MOTIVATION (among many other common side effects). 

    So what do you think? Theres always a possibility "She's been cloned"...:orly: