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  1. Taylor Swift? Why? I don't see any of taylor on this album And for me the "hello kitty avril" only appears in 2 or 3 songs so I'm ok with that I'm not saying the album is as good as Let Go or UMS but it's 100% better than AL. The last 4 songs kinds ruins it for me because they are all fillers in my opinion and I don't like any of them. But I'm here for the rest of the songs (minus dumb blonde) and i don't know, most of those songs take me back to her first albums when I listen to them. Maybe that's because I always loved her "ballads/slow songs/etc with meaningful lyrics" and I don't care if the album doesn't have the typical single you would expect from avril (I feel the same with Brit's glory). I don't know how to explain it but, for example, Birdie could have been easily included in UMS
  2. Birdie is SO UMS, it's such a great song. In fact, the album has a few songs that remind me of the "old avril" that I fell in love with After listening the album lots of more times, I think it's an 7.5-8/10
  3. Long story short: Hilary was set to release a pop-folk album on October 2014 (with Chasing The Sun and All About You as the firtst 2 singles) but she later decided to follow Brit's steps and scraped the whole album (which had a beautifil shoot). She went to the recording studio again and she later released the amazing album Breathe In. Breathe Out. Now, 10 tracks from the original album have leaked! And they sound great "Wild Night Out" and "If I Fall" were posted here when they leaked but I'll leave them too. And more songs are going to leak soon