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  1. I thought I was the only one who noiced that lol It has to be the same photo/face. She has done it before with two promo photos for Private Show so it wouldn't be a surprise.
  2. The photo is But I hate the terrible photoshop on her body and I'm 95% sure that her face is also photoshopped. It's like the copy/paste she did on those outtakes for Private Show
  3. Cant wait to see those *******s in jail. They really deserve the worst. And I'm so happy that more people are starting to talk about this corrupt cship.
  4. I don't know what to think honestly... That the cship was necessary at the beginning? Probably, and they did helped her a lot. It should have ended after the circus tour anyway but we know that Jamie and Lou loved the money and the control so here we are 12 years later... That we don't even know 10% of what actually happened? Yes, of course. All this started because someone had the courage to leak the info months after she was hospitalized! If that didn't happen, no one would have noticed anything. What happened in 2010? We still don't know. And I 100% agree with her in that Britney needs a proper team, with professional people around her (like every single start in Hollywood and everywhere) not a ******* conservatorship. It's not that hard or complicated. I don't think Britney tried to commit suicide in January 08, we saw her literally every single day and even after Jamie requested the cship. So it wasn't something as serious as that. I honestly don't know but I really hope more people come out to speak. Many people know A LOT about what's going on behind the scenes. Now it's time for them to speak up and tell the truth.
  5. from 2015 or so? I can't remember, sorry. But she's not the one that put Brit under the conservatorship in 2008 nor the one that made it permanent in 2010.
  6. With Jaime still involved as her conservator? It would be impossible. He still wants to be her conservator (he's not respecting Britney's wishes), he doesnt' want to lose control over her money... It's clear that he wants her under the conservatorship. She wont have the freedom to ask for the termination and I'm sure it would end up in a huge legal battle between them. Keep in mind that he temporarily stepped down as her personal conservator, if the judge decides it, he will be her personal conservator again. I think she's being very smart. First, remove him as the estate conservator, then that ongoing investigation and finally, the termination of the cship... Yes, it will take time but at least it's something and she's clearly fighting against it-/him.
  7. Wow. They were smart and they chose a very good company. It was about time! And honestly, I can't believe that her net worth is only $57 million. I hope Judge Penny approves Britney's request and that Bessemer Trust investigates Jamie, Lou and everyone involved. I want them in jail. Robbie Williams, someone who is not as famous as she is and who doesn't have a merchandising empire, is worth almost twice as her. It's insane!
  8. I'm sorry but... He needs to die already. I'm so tired of his bull**** and his media campaigns. Everyone talks about this but Britney, why? Are they afraid of what she can say on a live and unscripted interview? I'm not buying anything more from her until the cship is over. "We don’t want those kinds of fans." **** you Jamie. I really feel sorry for Britney, she doesn't deserve all this.
  9. All That She Wants: THE LYRICS! Perfect Dramatic: Always loved it Untitled Lullaby & Let Go: Again, always loved them and the lyrics... State of grace: I still cant believe they scrapped this song. It's perefct. Welcome to me is also one of the best. But there are a lot more. Most of Britney's unreleased songs should have been released because they are even better than lots of the songs included on her albums.
  10. What has taylor done to you? Did she kill your pet or something?
  11. Yes! I think she definitely needs to reinvent herself and also, she can show us and the GP her talent. She clearly doesnt' care about dancing anymore, I mean... Her choreographies have been a mess since the FFT and she doesn't sing live anymore, not even the ballads, so Ithink it's time for a change. I'm not saying that she should go 100% folklore style tho. One album 100% folklore? Yes, please! After that, something needs to change.
  12. Ok, so my predictions were wrong Maybe around 900k now? Anyway, this album is perfect so she deserves it
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