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  1. "spent time together for a few hours" **** I hate Jamie. This makes me so sad for her, we all know how important her kids are for her. Britney doesn't deserve this.
  2. They were done on "the same day". And also, the "swimming in the stars" dress looks pretty similar to the golden dress from Make Me video. I think they did the shoot on the last day of filming the music video (day 3), but since there were no photos of that day, I think few believed that info.
  3. Thank you! I knew it reminded me of a song but I couldn't remember which one. Definitely a sample
  4. YES. Only 40k? (even when the physical sales mess?). This album really deserves better. I'm not a fan of her and I've never heard one of her albums but this one is really good. Honestly, I don't even know why I ended up listening to it on spotify, I was bored and decided to listen to one song to see what she was doing now and now I'm obsessed with it. It doesn't have any fillers and all the songs are great (Well, ironically, I think the duet with Joan Jett is the worst song on the album, that's a skip) And as someone said before, I also think the problem is her personality. She keeps changing or trying to hard to stay relevant. Yes. I love the album but it's annoying in some songs lol
  5. Agree. Of course I'm always excited for new music but this is so wrong and I'm 100% sure that this is Team Conservatorship trying to stop and distract the GP from the FreeBritney (it was getting REALLY popular everywhere!). And of course, we already know that Britney refuses to work as long as Jamie is still in control of her life and career (let's not forget that she said she's afraid of him), so this wasnt released by her. So I didn't buy the song and I'm not goona do it. Also, I'm not buying the new re-release nor Matches Oh... Still no promo directly from Britney (like a video or something like that), that says A LOT
  6. I still can't believe they had this INCREDIBLE photoshoot but they eneded up releasing the album with a ******* SCREEN CAPTURE AS THE COVER!!!!! and for the whole album of course. I want them dead. I can't believe how good this shoot is and how good she looks! The car/transformers pic is weird tho
  7. Why are you promoting this? Britney doesn't want to work as long as the devil is still in control of her money and career. She doesn't even promoted this on her social medias. I'm sure Jamie is really proud of you and happy right now.
  8. I cannot believe the ujdge didnt suspend him after hearing that britney is afraid of her conservator. It's unbelievable. They keep delaying this s*it while Britney keeps paying for everythig.
  9. I'm still listening to it but when the first woman said thta for Andrew and the chisp team the cship was an "experiment" my heart broke a little bit And I agree with them about Ingham... His change of attitude is strange and suspicious. I wonder what happened behind the scenes last year. Something serious must have happened because you don't change your attitude for no reason after so many years.
  10. Loucifer is gone and now she's asking for Jamie to be suspended immediately. What a great day for this conspiracy theory And also... Hiring a new business manager without telling Britney? And she doesnt' even know how much he's being paid?! Jamie's literally the worst. It's disgusting.
  11. One of her best songs ever and also one of the most underrated by the fanbase. I still don't understand why they never released it in a studio album because his songs screams "hit", even more in 2003-2007. Releasing it on a remix album that no one cared about (not even the record company)? It was a missed opportunity.
  12. I think it's both, he's desperate af because he's losing control and also a delay tactic. If Judge Penny approves this, he will ask for more time so that his new lawyers work properly.
  13. He's truly disgusting. So Britney couldnt hire more lawyers (and pay them with her own money) because that was expensive and now he wants to hire more and pay them WITH HER MONEY?! What the actual ****?!?! He needs to die already. It's the only way this will stop. Poor Britney...
  14. Yeah, now that's clear. Jamie looks like he's out of control. He even tried to talk with Bessemer behind their back! But something must have happened last year or so for him to change his attitude after 12 years. None of us imagined such a big change in him. I wanna know what happen and I'm here for theconspiracy theories lol
  15. I still believe that this is a huge step in the right direction (aka the end of the conservatorship). And finally some good news after so many delays! And it made me so happy to read how "confused" Jamie's lawyers were during the hearing. They are losing control and they don't like that at all. And I'm still curious abou what happened behind the scenes last year. I mean, why is Ingham finally helping Britney?
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