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  1. THIS. Don’t believe these polls I think the election will be a lot closer than it was in 2016 due to everything happening right now but Biden definitely isn’t a shoe in we haven’t even had debates yet so lots could change.
  2. I’m an independent as well and I agree with a lot of what u said. I feel like both parties are going too far to one side and I can’t say I agree with either of them. Economically I find myself much more conservative, while social issues like LGBTQ rights, police brutality, abortion, etc. I’m much more liberal.
  3. I have to agree with the twitter masses on this one. I hate trump just as much as the next person but I’m fortunate to live in a country with opportunities like America. America has its issues but it isn’t a third world country.
  4. Well I’ve been boycotting them for the past 10 years cuz I’ve never been able to afford that ****. I brew my foldgers at home with my target coffee maker.
  5. Sadly I agree I’m no Biden supporter either cuz he’s creepy af and racist too but he’s better than trump.
  6. OMG a Britney/Xtina Tour would be legendary. The millennial gays would give all our money
  7. I live in a small beach town so we don’t have one
  8. This is a terrible terrible thing to say so many cops put their lives at risk to protect our safety and just because there are racist evil cops out in this world doesn’t mean there aren’t good ones too. And if marina feels this way perhaps she should live without security and cops at her shows.
  9. Idc about this petty **** Lana is still my mother and my queen stream NFR.
  10. Going back to work and getting out of my current financial situation
  11. Congrats on graduating! Going to college is something I really regret not doing especially during these economic hardships. I’m a career server/bartender and have been doing so for 8 years
  12. 1. UV 2. BTD 3. NFR 4. Honeymoon 5. LFL 6. LDR There really isn’t a worst one tho they’re all amazinggg
  13. That iconic super bowl performance was the commencment ceremony of the world
  14. I love all of madonnas albums honestly besides MDNA and Rebel Heart. But I understand what you’re saying about confessions being her creative decline in a sense that it was a much more safe album compared to American life. Nevertheless it is a great album and definitely in the top 5 for me and I think looking at her whole discography it feels safe in 2020 but in 2005 it was very different and fresh compared to other pop records. I think the era itself is bigger than the album for me the tour was amazing (I didn’t go but the videos are everything). My holy trinity tho are Like a Prayer, Ray of Light, and Erotica.
  15. 1. Rumors (Fleetwood Mac) 2. Madonna (Ray of Light) 3. Britney Spears (In the Zone) 4. Lana Del Rey (Born to Die) 5. Grateful Dead (American Beauty) 6. Prince (Purple Rain) 7. Amy Winehouse (Back to Black) 8. Madonna (Confessions) 9. The Weeknd (Trilogy) 10. Janet Jackson (Velvet Rope) 11. Tame Impala (Currents) 12. Lorde (Melodrama)
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