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  1. Probably they put the hiatus as an excuse to steal her money in that way.
  2. YOU'RE WRONG! Britney is nowhere to be found in that song, is full Myah. I understand your friends, I spend more than a year refusing that could happened.
  3. I'm not pretty sure but definitely this one is the most probable option of all
  4. I think it's time to move on of this stupid thread and focus in important things
  5. Jordan sometimes is too politically correct and I think locking your thread wasn't the best option but you don't need to start this campaing just for a vendetta, there's more important things rigth now to be worry or to put energy in, we don't need more toxicity, hun
  6. She's being preparing that book since the begining so I can see her releasing it (after her conservatorship ends) but maybe the TV interview could be a possibility, and I hope she will, i'm pretty sure she is not afraid to speak anymore, she has saw the support.
  7. But I remember that someone said no fire was reported to the fire department on her house during that days.
  8. Maybe the director try to get some movie effect in it I'm glad that I downloaded the Blu-Ray rip instead of the Pro-Res
  9. New videos in HD were uploaded on TIDAL Lucky: IUSA: 3: All of her Pre-2015 videos are in 720p, but now Work ***** is in 1080p
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