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  1. I can go on about my Thanksgiving....

    Okay my mom wore an ugly shirt, but she at least wore a jacket for the enire time. My great aunt is as blind as the three blind mice and thought my ten year old sister was my mom. My aunt fell down because she was dizzy and hurt her foot. She became ghostly pale so my other aunt called 911 and they put her on a stretcher and into the ambulance (kind of like the Everytime video.) It turns out she severely sprained her ankle. The rest of my family did the mannequin challenge and I was filming, but it took almost twenty takes to get it right. It was actually fun at the end because I had my family with me (minus my aunt and uncle in the hospital) Oh, played Slumber Party for everyone and my Beyoncé fan cousin started singing along and said she loved Tinashe. Score!!!!! I'm very thankful for my family, friends, food, Britney, and all my fellow Exhalers. Happy Turkey Day!!!!!! :unbelievableney:

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      Queen of iconic status updates :crying2: Happy Thanksgiving :unbelievableney:

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      You're welcome, at least you're blessed with an amazing family unlike Horsica :queenflopga2: